Toyota announces global Recall of 6.39 million vehicles

April 11, 2014 at 1:16 PM 1 comment

toyota-recall Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. today (April 09, 2014) announced that it will conduct a voluntary safety recall involving approximately 1.3 million vehicles, including certain Model Year 2009-2010 Corolla, 2009-2010 Matrix, 2008-2010 Highlander, 2009-2010 Tacoma, 2006-2008 RAV4 and 2006-2010 Yaris vehicles.

The driver’s airbag module in the involved vehicles is attached to a spiral cable assembly with electrical connections that could become damaged when the steering wheel is turned.  If this occurs, the air bag warning lamp will illuminate.  In addition, the driver’s air bag could become deactivated, causing it to not deploy in the event of a crash.20144955216385734_20

Toyota is not aware of any injuries or fatalities caused by this condition.

Toyota is currently preparing the remedy for this condition.  For all involved vehicles, a Toyota dealer will replace the spiral cable with an improved one. Once preparations are complete, Toyota will send an owner notification letter by first class mail and the remedy will be provided at no charge.

Detailed information is available to customers at, the Toyota Customer Experience at 1 800-331-4331, and Lexus Customer Satisfaction (1 800-255-3987).

Media Contacts
Vehicle Safety and Quality Communications
Cindy Knight       (310) 468-2170
John Hanson      (310) 468-4718
Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. Media Line (310) 468-5297

Yaris |Tacoma | RAV4 | Matrix Highlander | Corolla | Corporate Toyota 2013 – 2014

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  • 1.  |  April 11, 2014 at 1:27 PM

    දෝෂ නිසා යළි කැඳවූ ටොයොටා වාහන ලංකාවෙත් තිබෙනවාදැයි අවධානය

    ජාත්‍යන්තර මාධ්‍ය ඊයේ වාර්තා කර තිබුණේ ටොයොටා විසින් ලෝකය පුරා විකුණා තිබෙන වාහන ලක්ෂ 64 ක් විවිධ තාක්ෂණික දෝෂ නිසා නැවතත් සමාගම වෙත කැඳවීමට තීරණය කර තිබෙන බවයි.

    මෙම වාහන අතර ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට අලෙවිකර තිබෙන වාහන තිබෙනවාදැයි අප ටොයොටා ලංකා සමාගමේ සේවා අංශයේ සාමාන්‍යාධිකාරී, මකීෂ සමරනායක මහතාගෙන් විමසූ අවස්ථාවේදී ඔහු අදහස් දැක්වූයේ මෙසේයි.

    “අපි මේ පිළිබඳව විමසිල්ලෙන් ඉන්නේ. මේ පිළිබඳව ජපානයෙන් අපිට ඉක්මනටම දැනුම් දේවි. අපි බලාපොරොත්තු වෙනවා එහි ප්‍රතිඵල අපගේ පාරිභෝගිකයින්ට දින 02 ක් ඇතුළත කියන්න.“

    “මීට පෙර ටොයොටා Prius හයිබ්‍රීඩ් රථවල තාක්ෂණික දෝෂයක් නිසා නැවත කැඳවීම ලංකාවටත් බලපෑවා. අපි ලංකාවට විකුණා තිබෙන එම මෝටර් රථවල තිබෙන තාක්ෂණික දෝෂය මේ වනවිට නිවැරදි කරමින් සිටිනවා.“

    “ලංකාවට විකුණා තිබෙන ටොයොටා වාහනවල ප්‍රශ්නයක් මේ අවස්ථාවේදී ඇතිවුණොත් අපි සූදානම් සමාගම වෙත එම වාහන ගෙන්වාගෙන ඒවා නිවැරදි කර දෙන්න.“

    පසුගිය පෙබරවාරි මාසයේදී ටොයොටා Prius හයිබ්‍රීඩ් රථ මිලියන 1.9 ක් නැවතත් සමාගම වෙත ගෙන්වා ගැනීමට ටොයොටා තීරණය කළේ එම වාහන හදිසියේ මන්දගාමී වීමට හේතුවන මෘදුකාංග ප්‍රශ්නයක් විසඳීම සඳහායි.


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    Back after a hiatus for model year 2014, Toyota announced today it will introduce a Prius Liftback “Persona SE” for 2015. The Prius Persona Series Special Edition as it’s formally called is an update to the Prius Three Trim level, and differentiated by subtle interior and exterior changes. Exterior changes include a rear-mounted “Persona Series” […] The post […]
  • Consumer Reports Drops Nissan Leaf, Mazda5 After Poor IIHS Crash Tests
    Well, that didn’t take long. Mere hours after the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released the results of its latest round of crash testing, it looks like Consumer Reports (CR) is piling on the bad news. Both the Mazda5 and — perhaps more relevant to us — the Nissan Leaf scored poorly during the […] The post Consumer Reports Drops Nissan Leaf, […]
  • IIHS: Chevy Volt Performs Well During Crash Testing; Nissan Leaf Very Poorly
    The Chevrolet Volt came out of the IIHS’ recent round of small overlap front crash testing with an acceptable rating, something that can’t be said for its closest rival, the Nissan Leaf. “Driver space in the Volt was maintained reasonably well, and data taken from the dummy indicate a low risk of significant injuries,” said […] The post IIHS: Chevy Volt Perf […]
  • MPG Offenders: The Least Fuel-Efficient Cars of 2014
    Lately automakers have found ways to make some seriously powerful cars produce surprisingly respectable mpg numbers to assuage their federally induced consciences, but there are some notable exceptions. Among many of the most-coveted internal combustion chariots, it remains true that if you want it all, you will still have to pay. And pay again. Most […] The […]
  • New Electric Drivetrain Testing Equipment For EV Makers
    Massachusetts-based HBM has introduced a new solution for eDrive testing, an integrated system for measuring the performance and efficiency of electric motors and inverters. HBM, Inc. describes itself as a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems, analysis and calibration software, strain gauges, and transducers and sensors, HBM explained making the […]
  • Eight Manufacturers Join Plug-In EV Open Grid Project
    Eight major automakers and 15 utilities organized by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) are demonstrating a standards-based, open grid integration platform for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). The manufacturers involved said the open platform will simplify and streamline vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communications, enabling PEVs to provide grid services […]
  • Source Says Toyota FCV Concept To Be Called ‘Mirai’
    Despite some discussion as to whether Toyota would be well served to identify its fuel cell vehicle with its “Prius family,” it appears the FCV Concept’s name will be Mirai. Toyota has not made an announcement that this is the case, but according to Bloomberg citing an unnamed source, the vehicle will be so-called nearer […] The post Source Says Toyota FCV C […]

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  • Spoilt potato and onion seized in Fort
    At least 5000 kg of potatoes and 2000 kg of onion, which were not fit for human consumption, were recovered from a store in Fort, by the officials attached to the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), today morning. MORE...
  • Unconditional pardon for Rajarata uni. students
    Academic activities at the Rajarata University, which was temporarily closed down due to student unrest, would recommence on August 4, Vice Chancellor Prof. Ranjith Wijewardena told Ada Derana. MORE...
  • 17 STF officers injured in road mishap
    At least 17 Police Special Task Force (STF) officials wounded and admitted to Kantale Base hospital following a road accident in Palugaswewa, today morning. MORE...
  • Indian fishermen to release before the start of 'Journey for Justice'?
    Tamil Nadu fishermen are to undertake a Journey for Justice to Sri Lanka as part of their agitation for the restoration of their traditional right to fish around Kachchativu, which is mid way between India and Sri Lanka in the Palk Strait. MORE...
  • Kidney scamsters still roaming free
    Three months after the death of Hyderabadi Dinesh Maroo, who was taken to Lanka for kidney transplant surgery by racketeers, his family is still awaiting justice. Though the police had arrested three agents from Hyderabad, the main racketeers, including the Lankan doctor, are still free. MORE...
  • Heavy traffic along Peliyagoda to Biyagama road
    Peliyagoda-Biyagama road blocked due to a container truck which has gotten stuck while attempting to cross a bridge with low overhead clearance.
  • Debt crisis worsens in the country
    The country currently confronts a worsening economic crisis and the debt accumulation exceeds the annual household income, Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said. MORE...
  • VIDEO- Tense situation at National Hospital; police deployed
    A contingent of police officers has been deployed at the Colombo National Hospital to prevent a clash between two groups of doctors, Police spokesman told Ada Derana. A tense situation has erupted after one group tried to conduct a public meeting outside the hospital and another group had come there in opposition to it.
  • No tuition before AL exam - Department of Examinations
    The Department of Examinations says that it is illegal to conduct last minute revision classes, seminars, and lectures, effective from midnight tonight, in connection with the Advanced Level examination which is supposed to begin from next week. MORE...
  • Person nabbed with refused tea in Hatton
    The Hatton police have seized an estimated 270 kilograms of refused tea that had been transporting in a tractor along Hatton to Nuwara-eliya road, without proper authorization. MORE...

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  • BMW's new Driftmob video shows the M235i like you've never seen it before
    Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Videos, BMW, Luxury Last month, we went behind the scenes of the filming of BMW's new Driftmob, web video, bringing you one post from the practice sessions, and another from the shoot itself, which took place in an enormous traffic circle in Cape Town, South Africa. Today, BMW has launched the final version of Driftmob, […]
  • What you missed on 7.30.14
    Filed under: Classics, Coupe, Hybrid, Sedan, Performance, Truck, Auctions, Chevrolet, Nissan, Rumormill, Electric, Diesel Nissan lets us sample a diesel Frontier prototype Hey. You. Yeah, you. Do you think Nissan should build a midsize pickup truck with a diesel engine? Yeah, so do we. And we just got the chance to drive just such a beast, though it's a […]
  • Indian Roadmaster returns for 2015 with 'Proven power and endless chrome' [w/video]
    Filed under: Motorcycle, Luxury It's a busy summer for Polaris - it's got a three-wheeled gunner called the Slingshot coming out under its own brand name, its Victory Motorcycle division is expected to launch something shortly, and now a new luxury tourer has rolled to the top of its Indian Motorcycle brand. Called the Roadmaster, the name recalls […]
  • Elon Musk to get spot on The Simpsons
    Filed under: Celebrities, Humor, Tesla, TV/Movies It's hard to believe that The Simpsons is moving into its 26th season, but there's good news for auto enthusiasts, especially of the EV variety. The show's executive producer, Al Jean, confirmed on Twitter that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk would have a guest spot on the show in the upcoming seaso […]
  • Suzuki calls in 26,000 Daewoo-built Veronas for overheating lights
    Filed under: Sedan, Recalls, Safety, Suzuki Suzuki is recalling yet another Daewoo-built model due to possible problems with the daytime running light module in the instrument panel. This time it covers about 25,899 units of the Suzuki Verona from the 2004 through 2006 model years that need fixing. Like the repair campaign of the Forenza and Reno in May, it […]
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales reach 33,000 worldwide
    Filed under: EV/Plug-in, Hybrid, Mitsubishi, AutoblogGreen Exclusive, Europe/EU, Japan, Plug In Conference It can be difficult to see from the US, where the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid is not yet available, but the all-wheel drive SUV is a big hit in Europe and Japan. In fact, we learned at the Plug In 2014 Conference in San Jose, CA this week that M […]
  • Range Rover Sport SVR sets 'Ring record for SUVs [w/video]
    Filed under: Performance, SUV Nürburgring lap times, it should come as no surprise, have become the ultimate bragging rights for performance automakers. So much so, in fact, that the records have been categorized. The Porsche 956 has held the outright record at 6:11 since 1983, the Pagani Zonda R is the fastest production-based track car at 6:47, the Radical […]
  • Fiat recalls nearly 30,000 Fiat 500L models
    Filed under: Budget, Recalls, Safety, Hatchback, Chrysler, Fiat Fiat has announced a recall of 29,500 Fiat 500L hatchbacks in the US and Canadian markets due to concerns that the roomiest member of the Fiat range features knee airbags that won't deploy unless the occupant's seatbelt is fastened. There have been no injuries reported due to this issu […]
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat ringtone revs up [w/video]
    Filed under: Coupe, Performance, Etc., Technology, Videos, Dodge The best (or worst, depending on your views) thing about smartphones is that you're able to carry lots, and lots of useful stuff around in your pocket. That means you can always have a phone, messaging service, email, flashlight, calculator, dictionary, encyclopedia, and literally thousand […]
  • Icon Helios streamliner with Tesla bones is a dream from which we don't want to wake
    Filed under: Concept Cars, Classics, Coupe, Tesla, Design/Style, Electric When it comes to truly, genuinely interesting automotive design and craftsmanship, Icon is one of the finest outfits in the game. We've covered the company and its founder, Jonathan Ward, in the past, and have remarked on just how fully and intricately done the automotive art it t […]

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  • Toyota Releases Pricing for All-New TRD Pro Series Tacoma and 4Runner
    TORRANCE, Calif. (July 30, 2014) – Let’s Get Dirty! The highly anticipated launch of the all-new TRD Pro Series from Toyota is coming soon.  Serious off-roaders, professional or amateur, young and old, will soon be able to drive over rough terrain with the most adrenaline-inducing lineup of off-road vehicles Toyota has ever unleashed.  full_image_path: D:\in […]
  • Special Edition Prius Takes on a New Persona for 2015
    TORRANCE, Calif. (July 30, 2014) – The best-selling hybrid in America is taking style to a new level. The 2015 Prius Persona Series Special Edition is tailored with elegant exterior and interior touches that make it unique. The special edition model will begin arriving in dealerships in September. full_image_path: D:\inetpub\toyotamedia\htdocs\images\2015_Pr […]
  • 2014 Automotive Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Gala Ceremony - Jim Lentz
    Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz speaks at the Automotive Hall of Fame Induction & Awards Gala Ceremony, where he was recognized as Industry Leader of the Year on July 24, 2014. full_image_path: D:\inetpub\toyotamedia\htdocs\images\0003_AHF_Lentz_thumb.jpg feed_brand_code: corporate Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS […]
  • Jim Lentz Honored as Industry Leader of the Year by the Automotive Hall of Fame
    TORRANCE, Calif. (July 24, 2014) – Jim Lentz, chief executive officer of Toyota North America, was recognized as Industry Leader of the Year at the Automotive Hall of Fame’s 75th Anniversary Gala on July 24, 2014. The event was held at the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education, College for Creative Studies in Detroit. full_image_path: D:\inetpub\toyo […]
  • 'Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend' Announces Amy Purdy to Join Multi-City Tour This Fall
    Los Angeles – Oprah Winfrey’s "Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend," an eight-city arena tour and transformational weekend powered by WME Live, announced today that Amy Purdy will join the tour’s lineup.  Purdy, a Paralympic Bronze Medalist snowboarder and “Dancing with the Stars” finalist, will join Oprah on stage for Toyota’s “Standing O-Vation,” w […]
  • Giving to the Giving
    Los Angeles (July 23, 2014) – Little did Audrey Moscosa-Rodriguez know that her answer to the question, “where would you go in a new Toyota Prius and why?” would earn her a new hybrid to help her efforts.  full_image_path: D:\inetpub\toyotamedia\htdocs\images\2014_NCLR_003_thumb.jpg feed_brand_code: corporate Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-m […]
  • Redesigned 2015 Toyota Yaris Sub-Compact: Sharper Styling, More Comfort and Value Priced
    TORRANCE, Calif., (July 23, 2014) – A bold new look with a distinct European flavor.  A new, quieter interior crafted from improved materials. And a new attitude. The redesigned 2015 Toyota Yaris checks all of the boxes for small-car shoppers. And then it adds and checks two more boxes for fun and value. In 3-door or 5-door liftback models, the 2015 Yaris ma […]
  • 2014 National Council of La Raza Latinas Brunch - Bill Fay
    TMS Group Vice President and Toyota Division General Manager Bill Fay spoke at the National Council of La Raza's Latinas Brunch, Sunday, July 20, 2014.  full_image_path: D:\inetpub\toyotamedia\htdocs\images\2014_NCLR_002_thumb.jpg feed_brand_code: corporate Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences. […]
  • Redesigned 2015 Toyota Sienna Fact Sheet Updates
    Redesigned 2015 Toyota Sienna Fact Sheet Updates full_image_path: D:\inetpub\toyotamedia\htdocs\graphics\9021\thumbnail_toyota.jpg feed_brand_code: toyota Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences.
  • Young People Transform Their Ideas Into Action by Taking On 'The Hunt' with and Toyota
    NEW YORK (July 17, 2014) – For the first time ever,, the largest not-for-profit for young people and social change, turned to its members, aged 13-25, for their ideas on how to tackle different social issues. From August 4 to August 10, the community in partnership with Toyota will take on these campaigns in “The Hunt.” full_i […]


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