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Toyota Recalling 670,000 Prius Hybrids in U.S.

Toyota is recalling 670,000 of its 2004-9 Prius hybrids in the United States to fix problems involving the loss of steering and the hybrid powertrain shutting down, the automaker has told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Toyota recalls Priuses in 2.77M global recall
The move is part of a worldwide recall of 2.77 million vehicles, according to The Associated Press, which quoted Toyota officials in Japan. Only the Prius is affected in the United States. Outside the United States the recall covers the Corolla and the Wish, a small van.

The cars are being recalled because the metal used for a steering component is not hard enough, according to a report the automaker filed on Wednesday with the safety agency. The part could wear out “if the steering wheel is frequently and forcefully turned to the full left or full right position while driving at low speeds,” and that “could result in the loss of steering ability,” according to the report.News for Toyota Recalling

Toyota said it got its first notice of such a failure in February 2010 in Japan and began an investigation that was inconclusive. Last February, Toyota got its first report of steering loss in the United States. This month, the company concluded that it finally knew the cause and decided a recall was needed.

A second recall covers 350,000 of those same vehicles and involves replacing an electric water pump that could fail and shut down the hybrid powertrain system. But the gas engine would continue to move the vehicle, Brian Lyons, a Toyota spokesman, said in an e-mail.

Toyota told the agency it got its first report of a water pump problem in 2009 in Japan, which resulted in changes to the pump in 2010. But pump failures continued, and it was not until this month that Toyota determined the cause of the problem – a coil wire that could be scratched, leading to corrosion and “in some cases break.”

Prius Code P0A93: Inverter Water Pump Failure

Prius Code P0A93: Inverter Water Pump Failure

This is the second time the automaker has experienced a cooling problem on the Prius hybrid system.

In 2010, the company conducted what it called a customer satisfaction campaign that covered 390,000 2004-7 Priuses in North America. Toyota said it would replace the coolant pump because it could malfunction and cause the hybrid system to stop working.

At the time, a Toyota spokesman told Wheels a recall was not necessary because the gasoline engine would still move the vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not object.

Customer satisfaction or special service campaigns are less demanding than a recall, which has legal requirements and penalties for failing to comply. Mr. Lyons said in an e-mail on Wednesday that the service campaign dealt with a different problem than the new recall.

Stopping Procedure for Toyota Hybrid Vehicles.

Toyota says it is not aware of any accidents in the United States related to either of the recalls on Wednesday.

The company described the recalls as voluntary. But once a manufacturer is aware of a safety problem it must — within five business days — inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of its plan for a recall or face civil penalties.

News for Toyota Recalling Prius Hybrids in U.S

This is not the first time the Prius has had problems that resulted in a loss of power. In 2005, the agency investigated about 124,000 2004-5 Priuses after some owners complained the gasoline engine would stall.

TOYOTA Recall Information

Toyota Announces Voluntary Safety Recalls of Certain 2004 to 2009 Model Year Prius Vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration eventually found 428 complaints from owners and almost 6,700 warranty claims. But it decided to drop the investigation and not press for a recall after Toyota said it would conduct a special service campaign to make a software change to prevent the problem.


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Tax on Motor Vehicles Increased

The Government has revised taxes on cars, three-wheelers and motorbikes effective from today (31 March 2012) in a move to reduce import costs and motor vehicle imports.

Motor Vehicles Tax Increased in Sri LankaTax on Motor vehicles which include cars, vans, trishaws and motor bicycles have been increased with immediate effect. The Ministry of Finance and Planning announced today that the increase was made to ensure a drop in the vehicles imported to the country in order to reduce the high traffic congestions prevalent. The Ministry also said that this move will help bring down the use of fuel by motorists.

The classifications of the Tax have been made to correspond with the engine capacity of the vehicles. Hybrid vehicle production taxes below 1000CC have been increased by 14 % with tax for all hybrids above 3000CC being increased by 57%.

Production duties for cars and vans have been classified into the fuel type used together with the engine capacity. The tax for cars that use Petrol under 1000CC have been increased by 85% with cars having an engine capacity of over 3000CC being increased by 129%. The category between 1000 CC to 2000 CC have also been increased by 85%.

Production duties on Diesel cars have been increased from upto 114% to 173% to correspond with the engine capacity.

Hybrid Car Tax increasesed in Sri LankaImport duty on vehicle spare parts have also been increased to correspond the highest value on either Specific Duty or Advolarum Duty disbanding the previous method of taxation on spare parts.

However there has been no change in the tax imposed on tractors, busses and Lorries.

Download (PDF)  ප්‍රවෘත්ති නිවේදනය

Duty imposed on buses, Lorries, tractors removed

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New Registration Charges for Motor Vehicles – Budget 2012

Budget Highlights 2012 - Sri LankaThe presently applicable relevant withholding tax will be amalgamated with vehicle registration charges and he applicable new vehicle registration charges will be as follow. (Effective from 24 November 2011)

New Registration Charges for Motor Vehicles - Budget 2012 Sri Lanka

Luxury, Semi Luxury and Dual Purpose Motor Vehicle Taxes

Luxury, Semi Luxury and Dual Purpose Motor Vehicle Taxes 2012-Budget Sri Lanka

Luxury, Semi Luxury and Dual Purpose Motor Vehicle Taxes Sri Lanka 2012

Revenue Licensing Annual Fee for Motor Vehicle

The prevailing license fee has been increased by Rs. 150 for Motor bicycles
and Three Wheelers and by Rs. 500 for other vehicles (except Lorries
Tractors, Busses and Trailers).

There will be a 50% tax cut for vehicles in the tourism industry and a 50% tax reduction on tyres for bus.

Download Budget Highlights 2012 (PDF) Budget Highlights 2012 Sri Lanka - Download PDF

hybrid car import duty sri lanka

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How does the Honda Insight Hybrid Engine Work

There are two important facets to an efficient hybrid:

Honda Insight Hybrid Hybrid Sri Lanka
1) An efficient machine, and

2) an efficient driver. Working in unison, they can dramatically enhance fuel economy.

How Honda Insight Eco Assist Work - www.hybridsrilanka.comEco Assist™[1] is composed of two basic functions:

* A sophisticated feedback system that teaches you to drive more efficiently[2]
* An ECON button[1] that helps aid in optimizing your vehicle’s fuel efficiency if used in conjunction with responsibly efficient driving practices[2]

These components can work individually or in tandem to help boost your overall fuel economy. As the EPA tests have shown, the Insight is capable of excellent fuel economy without any special techniques. Utilizing the tools of Eco Assist™[1] can help you make the Insight more efficient. For a demonstration of how Eco Assist™[1] works, watch the video.Honda Insight Facebook Hybrid Sri Lanka

This video provides a full explanation of the technology behind the Honda Insight Eco Assist™ system and explains how the system can coach you to drive more efficiently.

Build your HONDA Insight Online Build your HONDA Insight Online – Official Honda Web Site

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Toyota Prius Start Up Problems

Toyota Prius (hybrid) wont start, what’s wrong?
Toyota Prius (hybrid) wont start, what's wrong?

When I pressed the power on button, nothing would happen. No lights, no sound, no response… the car was absolutely dead. (NHW 20)

What can I do? Is it a problem of the 12v battery? or the 400v? Can a Prius 2 be started with jumper cables on the 12v battery? Or should I just call the Toyota official dealer?

Please help, do you have any ideas or suggestions what I can do to get the car working or what is wrong?  Dr. Sampath

Jump Starting Your Prius

Prius Battery DieDear All, please check out this videos. hopefully this wasn’t a mistake & Don’t Let Your Prius’ Battery Die, Ever.

Thanks, Indrajith.

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Porsche Panamera – Hybrid Now is Sri Lanka

Porsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri Lanka

The Panamera S Hybrid has a 3.0-liter V6 compressor engine with direct fuel injection and fully variable intake camshaft timing adjustment. Combined with the charge effect of the compressor, this ensures a high torque of 324 lb.-ft. even at low engine speeds. Power output is 333 hp.

The combustion engine is assisted by a 47 hp electric motor incorporated between the transmission and the engine. The motor is supplied by a high-voltage nickel-metal hydride battery located below the floor of the rear luggage compartment.

Together, the two units develop a maximum total system output of 380 hp and a maximum system torque of 428 lb.-ft. and accelerate the Panamera S Hybrid from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. Top track speed is 167 mph. This is achieved with fuel consumption of just 7.1 l/100 km.

The interplay between combustion engine, electric motor and high-voltage battery is regulated by the electronic engine management system. It engages and disengages the combustion engine by means of a specially developed separating coupling. Thanks to the rapid-action separating coupling and the equally fast response of the combustion engine, these processes are performed comfortably and smoothly. You do not need to adapt to the system.

Panamera S Hybrid: Fuel consumption* in (l/100 km) urban 7.6 · extra urban 6.8 · combined 7.1 · CO2 emissions 167 g/km

*  Figures for optional 19-inch All-season tyres optimised for rolling resistance in l/100 km: urban 7.4 · extra urban 6.6 · combined 6.8 · CO2 emissions 159 g/km.

Porsche Panamera  2011 S Hybrid Car

Read more…

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Toyota prius convert the display from Japanese to English ?

Just purchased the 2007 prius,  can someone let me know how i can convert the display from japanese to english ?  if so how, please help.

2010 Toyota Prius Dash

Dear All, Please talk to Kaveen who has done the conversion on his Toyota Prius (NHW 2). Contact him on 0773781255.

Cheers, Indrajith

Prius Gen 2 MFD language conversion video by Kaveen Goonawardane.

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Hybrid Car Emergency Procedure

Hybrid Car Accident in Sri Lanka.

Hybrid car accident in Sri LankaHybrid car accident in Sri LankaHybrid car accident in Sri LankaHybrid car accident in Sri Lanka


1) Turn off ignition switch and remove key (if so equipped). This turns off the engine and the motor, which prevents electric current from flowing into the cables from the motor or high-voltage battery, and, turns off power to the airbags and the seatbelt pre-tensioner.

2) After turning off the ignition switch, it is recommended that emergency responders remove the key (if so equipped) so the car cannot be inadvertently restarted. To let everyone at the crash scene know the key is removed, give the key to the I/C, who will make a general announcement regarding the key. At this point, the high-voltage system has been isolated. This improves responder safety in and around the vehicle.

3) The next step is to shut down the 12V electrical system on the hybrid just as we typically do on any conventional vehicle involve din an MVA.

4) Locate the 12V battery. It may or may not be under the hood. In the Toyota Prius it is located inside the driver’s rear wheel well within the trunk. Either disconnect or double cut first the negative and then the positive cable. This disables the high-voltage battery controller, which prevents electric current from flowing into the orange cables and the high-voltage battery.

5) With the ignition key turned off and removed and the 12V battery disabled, the hybrid vehicle is safe to work on for vehicle rescue. High-voltage electricity still exists, but it is isolated to the battery pack, generally in the trunk of cars or under the rear passenger seat in pick-ups.

6) An alternative to disabling the 12V battery is to remove the HEV fuse, generally located in the engine compartment junction box. When in doubt pull all fuses in this box.

7) Stabilize the vehicle. Crib at four points directly under the front and rear pillars. Do not place cribbing under high-voltage power cables, exhaust system or fuel system.

8) At this point conventional rescue techniques may be used, including cutting of door hinges, modified dash roll, steering wheel displacement, etc. However caution must be used at all times to avoid cutting any high or intermediate-voltage lines.

9) Should a hybrid be involved in a rollover, end up on its roof, this may prevent access to the engine compartment and disabling of the 12V battery may not be possible. This poses a serious threat. If access to the 12V battery is not hindered, extrication can be handled as in any conventional vehicle rollover.

10) The removal of the roof of hybrids such as the Toyota Prius may be easily accomplished by opening the hatch to gain access for cutting of the pillars. The hatch will need to be opened manually with pry tools because 12V power is needed to open the hatch.

11) Hybrid identification tags are located in the rear and/or sides of the vehicle. Severe impacts in these areas could destroy or hide the identification tags. You must be sure to look for other hybrid identifications, make sure you are aware of the models on the road, and when in doubt assume the vehicle is a hybrid until proven otherwise.


1) A fire involving a hybrid vehicle can be handled by following normal vehicle firefighting procedures. In a typical vehicle fire incident, the engine compartment, interior of vehicle or trunk area are burning. By following generally accepted fire suppression guidelines, crews attack the fire with an adequate water flow rate, working from a safe position of approach.

2) SCBA is worn throughout the incident.

3) The initial fire attack should be a fast and aggressive attack.

4) Fire crews may not be able to identify a hybrid until the fire has been knocked down and overhaul operations have commenced.

5) The wheels should be chocked as soon as safely possible.

6) During overhaul, the same steps defined in the extrication module should be used to disable the high-voltage system. (shut down power, disable 12V system)

7) Fire suppression crews will not be shocked or electrocuted during attack on a hybrid vehicle fire, even if flames are impinging on the battery pack itself.

8) There are potential, unique problems involving fire situations with hybrid vehicles. Any fire where there is direct flame impingement on the high-voltage battery pack would be an example. A fire that has originated within the battery pack itself or an electrical fire that begins somewhere within the high-voltage electrical system would also require special precautions.

9) Radiant heat could cause the modules inside the high-voltage battery to melt just as any plastic material would exposed to high temperatures. If heated sufficiently, it is possible the plastic casings could melt down, exposing the inner components of the high-voltage battery.

10) Copious amounts of water should be used quickly to eliminate radiant heat to the battery box and begin cooling the plastic battery cell modules in the high-voltage battery pack itself.

11) Should a fire in the Ni-MH HV battery pack occur, the I/C will have to decide whether to pursue an offensive or defensive.

12) If a melted nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery is encountered, the I/C may want the nearest dealer of the vehicle notified to send a designated battery recovery specialist to the scene to deal with the damaged battery.

13) In the Ni-MH Product Safety Data Sheet, responders are advised that virtually all fires involving Ni-MH batteries can be controlled with water. The information sheet also recommends “In case of fire where nickel metal batteries are present, apply a smothering agent such as METL-X, sand, dry ground dolomite, soda ash, or flood the area with water. A smothering agent will extinguish burning nickel metal hydride batteries.”

14) Class D extinguishers are the recommended extinguisher to use with Ni-MH batteries. But…….

15) Not all Class D extinguishers are equal. Some contain particles of metal such as copper. Copper, for example, is one metal that may actually cause an adverse reaction with the high-voltage battery and generate hydrogen gas. In a small space, such as a trunk, this could cause an explosion.

16) Large amounts of water will not be able to directly attack a fire burning inside the battery pack unit itself. The metal cover of the pack prevents a direct attack on the internal cells of the battery. The water application, however, will cool the adjacent battery cells. Burning Ni-MH batteries will burn themselves out. Applying sufficient amounts of water will cool the metal housing of the battery pack and control the fire until the battery modules that are actually on fire burn themselves out. DO NOT EVER REMOVE THE COVER OF THE HIGH-VOLTAGE BATTERY PACK!

17) When water is used to extinguish Ni-MH battery fires, some hydrogen gas may evolve. In this situation ventilation will be needed to prevent a build up of the gas. Leaving the trunk, hatchback or battery compartment cover open is advised to ensure ventilation of the gas. If there is a concern that hydrogen gas is present, and ventilation is not possible, fire smothering agents are recommended.

18) A battery fire WILL produce toxic fumes, including oxides of nickel cobalt, aluminum, manganese, lanthanum, cerium, neodymium and praseodymium. Because of this, SCBA must be worn throughout the fire attack and during overhaul.

19) In addition, keep the “hot zone” clear of unnecessary personnel. Keep all “hot zone” personnel fully protected with structural clothing that addresses Level 3 hazmat personal protective clothing criteria and SCBA.


1. Chock wheels

2. Remove/Find Key

3. Give key to I/C

4. I/C makes general announcement regarding key

5. Locate power button/Shut off power

6. Engage emergency brake

7. Cut negative 12V cable

8. Cut positive 12V cable

9. Do not touch or cut any orange or blue loom!

10. Wait 5 minutes before making any cuts for extrication!

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Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual: 2004-2008

Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual: 2004-2008 is the hands-on reference that shows you how to service and maintain your Prius.

This Bentley Manual contains the essential information and know-how you need to take the mystery out of servicing the Toyota Prius with Hybrid Synergy Drive®. You’ll find step-by-step directions from safely disabling the high voltage system to real-world practical repair and maintenance procedures and full-color technical training.

The aim throughout has been simplicity and clarity, with detailed explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Both the professional technician and the do-it-yourself Prius owner will find this manual indispensable as a source of detailed maintenance and repair information. Even Prius owners who have no intention of working on their vehicle will find that reading and owning this manual makes it possible to discuss repairs more intelligently with a professional technician.

Model and engine coverage:Hybrid Sri Lanka

  • 2004 – 2008 Prius NHW20
  • 1NZ-FXE Engine

Technical highlights:

  • Written for both experienced professionals and do-it-yourself owners, this book removes the mystery and explains the technology behind the Toyota Prius in an easy and understandable style.
  • Advanced technological features described: High-voltage power inverter, hybrid motor / generators, electric air-conditioning compressor, electric power steering, continuously variable transmission, regenerative brakes and more.
  • Maintenance procedures from changing the oil to replacing the air/fuel ratio sensor. This manual tells you what to do and how and when to do it.
  • Valve clearance adjustment.
  • Cooling system and radiator service. Detailed instructions for checking, filling and bleeding engine and transaxle / inverter coolant.
  • Fuel injection and ignition system diagnostics.
  • Suspension repair procedures, including strut replacement.
  • Brakes and steering troubleshooting and repair.
  • Door, window, bumper, and seat service and repairs.
  • Electrical system service, with an illustrated component locator section.
  • Comprehensive wiring schematics, including power distribution and grounds.
  • Toyota OBD II diagnostic trouble codes, SAE-defined OBD II P-codes, as well as scan tool operation.
  • Toyota’s Emergency Response Guide.

by Bentley Publishers

Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual: 2004-2008

Hybrid Cars English Manuals in Sri Lanka To purchase this English manuals in locally call 071 4723308

Honda Civic Hybrid Owners Manualhonda hybrid manual download

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Taxes on imported vehicles increased

Sri Lanka has raised import duties on several categories of petrol-engined cars and three wheelers with steeper increases seen in larger hybrid vehicles, which had exceptionally low taxes earlier, Treasury Secretary P.B.

Sri Lanka has raised import duties on hybrid vehicles

Sri Lanka has raised import duties on hybrid vehicles

On petrol cars with standard engines with capacities below 1,000 cubic centimeters the effective total tax rate will go up from the current 95 percent to 120 percent.

Between 1000 to 1,600 cc the effective rate will go up from 119 to 128 percent. On three wheelers the effective rate will go up from 38 percent to 50 percent.

On hybrid cars with engines below 2,000 cc total duties will go up from 38%  close to 50 %

UPDATE:  Total taxes on all petrol and diesel cars above 1600cc will remain unchanged.

New Vehicle Duty Tariff Sri Lanka - 25/04/2011

 New Vehicle Duty Tariff  – 25/04/2011



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  • The Story of Mahela's Old Cap
    ufya,f.a mrK lema tfla l;djBfha fgiaÜ msáfhka iuq.;a ufya, chj¾Ok wjidk m%jD;a;s idlÉPdjg wdfõ ÿUqre meye;s mrK lema tlla me
  • Doctor Eliyantha White Sings A Song
    fodia;r B,shka; jhsÜ .S; .dhkhgckm;sjrhdf.a mqoa.,sl ffjoHjrhd f,i m%lgj isák fodia;r B,shka; jhsÜ .S; .dhkhgo t
  • Woman Doctor Dies During Beautification - Updates 3
    fodia;rf.ka fnfy;a .kak .sh wh fmd,sishg §mq flda,aia'''ffjoH m%shx.s ñh.sfha l,a bl=;ajQ m%;sÔjlhla ksidnïn,msáh m%foaYfha wkdrlaIs; rEm,djKH Y,Hd.drhla mj;ajdf.k .sh ffjoH ksu,a .uf.a fj;ska óg fmr Y,Hl¾u i|yd Èk fjkalr .ekSug uqo,a f.jQ msßia fï jk úg wka; wirK ù isák nj jd¾;d jkjd'we;eï msßia fmd,sishg ÿrl:k weu;=ï ,nd§ ;uka Èk fjkalr […]
  • Mahela Jayawardane's Farewell
     ufya, chj¾Ok iuq.;a yeá^PdhdrEm yd ùäfhda&Y%S ,xld lKavdhfï ysgmq kdhl ufya, chj¾Ok wo ish 17 wjqreÿ fgiaÜ l%slÜ Èúfhka iuq.;af;a ckm;sjrhd we;=¿ l%Svd f,da,Ska úYd, msßila bÈßmsghs' Tyq wjika jrg l%Svd l< ;r.hg Tyqg w¾O Y;lhla odhl lrfokakg yelsjqK w;r tu ;r.h Y%S ,xldj ch.%yKh lsÍu;a úfYaI úh'wo ;r.h wjidkfha m%S;s f>daId ueo fiiq l%Sv […]
  • Lecturer Remanded for Suspicious Act
    hg l,siu msáka ksjilg .shreyqfKa lÓldpd¾hjrhd .ïjdiSka lKq ne|,dhg l,siu msáka ud;r m%foaYfha ksjilg whq;= f,i we;=¿ùug ;e;a l< reyqK úYaj úoHd,fha lÓldpd¾hjrfhl= m%foaYjdiSka úiska lKq n¢kq ,en fmd,Sishg Ndr§fï isoaêhla fmf¾od jd¾;d jqKd'rd;%S hdufha w¨;ska yodf.k hk ksjil ldka;djla ;ksj isá ia:dkhg hg l,siu msáka wd nj lshk fkdy÷kk mqoa.,hd ±l ldka […]
  • Parapura Film Premiere
    Pix By - Suren Abeysundara
  • French Teen Hit by Dump Truck at Anuradhapura
    fydfrla miqmi hoa§ wk;=rg ,lajqKm%xY ;re‚hg m%;sldr lrkak rcfha frday,ska ,laI 12la miq.shod Y%S ,xldjg ixpdrhla i|yd meñK wk;=rg m;a m%xY cd;sl ;reKshlg ,xldfjka i,ld ;sfnk wdldrh furg ixpdrl lafIa;%fha l¿ me,a,ula tlalr ;sfnkjd'weh wkqrdOmqr ,xldrduh wdikakfha .uka lroa§ jákdfoa we;s wef.a .uka u,a, fld,a,lrejl= meyerf.khdfuka miq Tyq miqmi Èjhoa§ weh […]
  • Mahela's Wife and Daughter Watch His Final Test Inning
    ufya, fgiaÜ j,ska whska jqfKa ÿj ksidwka;su ueÉ tl n,kak is`.s;s ¥;a tlal weú;aY%S ,xld l%slÜ i|yd wiSñ; fufyjrla odhl l< ufya, chj¾Ok wo wjqreÿ 17 l fgiaÜ l%slÜ Ôú;fhka iuq.;a;d' 20-20kao iuqf.k isák Tyq bÈßhg f,dal l=i,dkh jk;=re tla Èk ;r. j, muKla l%Svd lrkq we;'wo l%Svd l< Tyqf.a wjika bksu ,l=Kq 54 la jQ w;r th Tyqf.a 50 fjks w¾O Y;lho […]
  • Nalanda Student Dies After Tight with Scout Neckerchief
    whshdf.a nd,olaI f,akaiqjg f., isrù kd,kao isiqjd uregfld
  • Gossip Lanka Events
    Wedding Way Concept Launch by Shakkya StudioPix By -Indika MallawarachchiTele Actor Wathika Ravinath's Wedding EngagementPix Co-Od By -Indika Prabath Weerasinghe
  • Dr.Nimal Gamage's TV Song
    wdor .Õ=f,a bjqfr /£iyk mjka ieÆ'''''ffjoH ksu,a .uf.a rEmjdysksfha .hk .S;hmiq.shod nïn,msáfha§ ffjoHjßhl ñhhdfï isoaêhg iïnkaO ffjoH ksu,a .uf.a ldka;djka yev.ekaùfï l,dj fukau fjk;a l,d;aul yelshdjkaf.kao iu;alï olajkafkls'Tyq ñka ál l,lg by; cd;sl rEmjdysksfha ri fudfyd; jevigyklg yo ks,OdÍkS mqIamd ruHdKs o fidhsid fufkúh i […]
  • Gossip Lanka Events
    Suraj Mapa's Dancing Class OpeningPix By -Indika Prabath WeerasingheCinestar Foundation Annual Get-to-getherPix By-Suren Abeysundara
  • Woman Doctor Dies During Beautification - Updates 2
    ffjoHjrhd tkak;a folla ÿka njg ielhla''tlu isßkac lgqfjkayefudagu tkak;a fok ;ekla''l,a bl=;ajQ T!IO f;d.hla udÜgqnïn,msáfha§ rEm,djkH ie;alula lrkakg f.dia ñ m%shx.s w¨;af.a ffjoHjßh wdid;añl;dj we;sjQ wjia:dfõ Ôú;h;a urKh;a w;r igkl fh§ we;s nj;a ta wjia:dfõ lsisÿ m%;sl¾uhla lsÍug wod< ia:dkfha myiqlï ;sî ke;s nj;a jd¾;djk w;r ff […]
  • Song Play Tribute to Rebecca Nirmali : Rosa Kusumak Pipevi
    frfnldf.a wjika b,a,Su kkaod ud,skshf.a frdai l=iqula msfmaú wo wjika .uka hk fg,s ks
  • Rebecca Nirmali: The Last Photo Shoot
    iuq.;a frfnldf.a wjika f*dfgda IQÜ tlwo wjika .uka hk fg,s ks
  • Woman Doctor Dies During Beautification - Updates
    ffjoH ksu,a .uf.agma,diaála ie;alï lsÍug lsisÿ iqÿiqlula kEweußldfõ§ , w;jr lrkak .syska t
  • Rebecca Battle with Cancer Since 2007 - Dr.Dissanayake
    frfnld wjqreÿ 7la wfmka fnfy;a .;a;d''úlsrK m%;sldr yß.sfh;a kE''-  ffjoH jika; Èidkdhluyr.u ms(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


  • Hyundai Testing New Prius Fighter?
    Hyundai is reportedly working on a compact hybrid car, and several development mules of the potential Toyota Prius rival were caught testing in public. AutoGuide has a gallery full of photos, and reports that while the mules used current five-door Elantra GT bodyshells, not to expect a hybridized Elantra, but rather a standalone model. The rough […] The post […]
  • 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid Review
    Honda’s Civic Hybrid has been further refreshed along with its fairly sophisticated 2014 Civic siblings and is one of the most fuel-efficient sedans sold in America. The mild updates follow an inside-and-out redesign for 2012 which boasted bigger engine, more powerful electric motor, and li-ion propulsion battery. Improvements in 2013 helped rectify de-conte […]
  • Buemi Leads Formula E’s Last Test Session
    Sebastien Buemi of e.dams-Renault set the fastest time on the FIA Formula E Championship final day of pre-season testing at Donington Park. This last round of testing was held ahead of the opening round of the all-electric in Beijing on September 13. The Swiss driver set a lap of 1:31.792 seconds to top the timesheets […] The post Buemi Leads Formula E’s Las […]
  • Hole-In-One Nets Hunter Mahan A BMW i3
    Yesterday PGA Tour Player Hunter Mahan was presented with an all-electric BMW i3. He won the vehicle after scoring a hole-in-one on the 17th hole during the 2013 BMW Championship at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest, Ill. In addition to receiving the i3, Mahan met Melyzjah Smith, the 2013 BMW Hole-in-One Scholar, who […] The post Hole-In-One Nets Hunter […]
  • Sustainable Architectural Firm Corgan To Design Toyota’s New Texas Headquarters
    As Toyota prepares to relocate from Torrance, Southern California to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, it has named its architectural firm to design its new campus for 4,000 employees. Drawings and specs for Toyota’s new corporate headquarters are to be overseen by Dallas-based Corgan as the lead architect known for sustainable designs, and in a statement, [… […]
  • PUMP Documentary To Examine America’s Control By Big Oil
    That America is “addicted” to petroleum may involve conspiracy theory about “Big Oil,” but wrapped up in it may also be conspiracy fact – and this PUMP aims to explore. The documentary, “starring” industry movers and shakers including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, opens in Los Angeles and New York theaters next week and in Utah […] The post PUMP Documentary To Examin […]
  • Study Reveals Consumers ‘Better Off’ With Sub-100-Mile EV Range
    While there has been plenty of attention around various auto manufacturers looking to vastly increase the ranges offered on their next-generation electric vehicles, a new study suggests that might not be the best way to go. The study, written by Zhenhong Lin of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Knoxville, Tenn., concludes that until the […] The post Study […]
  • Tesla Model S Now Available As Daily Rental In LA
    Want a unique vehicle for your next daily rental? Los Angeles area’s MPG Car Rental group is now offering a Tesla Model S. The company stated it is offering the Model S at the lowest daily rate in the world. The rental group said it is offering Tesla rental vehicles for just about all uses, […] The post Tesla Model S Now Available As Daily Rental In LA appea […]
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Completes Asia Cross Country Rally
    A Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV completed the FIA-certified Asia Cross Country Rally 2014. The plug-in hybrid four-wheel drive SUV – entered and managed by the Two & Four Motor Sports rally team supported by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) – was entered in the T1E class (electric vehicle class) of the Asia Cross Country Rally 2014 (AXCR). The […] The pos […]
  • How Far Will People Push Tesla’s Million-Mile Warranty?
    Now that Tesla has uncapped the limit for its 8-year Model S powertrain warranty to “infinite” miles, how far might some Model S drivers actually be able to take this? Could they drive a million miles all under warranty? Could they go farther? Already, stranger things have happened, such as a couple of ex-army buddies […] The post How Far Will People Push Te […]

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  • Fall in love with the madness of the Nürburgring 24-hour race
    Filed under: Motorsports, Videos, Racing We like the 24 Hours of Le Mans just fine. With the world's manufacturers in attendance and a varied field of classes and cars circling a high-speed circuit that's partially hewn from public roads, the appeal of the crown jewel of endurance racing is obvious. But, if you're tired of all the Le Mans love […]
  • What you missed on 8.20.14
    Filed under: Convertible, Coupe, Hybrid, Sedan, Performance, Supercars, Chevrolet, Dodge, Hyundai We test the Chevy Corvette's new automatic We tend to prefer our cars with honest-to-goodness manual transmissions. You know, the ones that require a third pedal down by the gas and brake pedals. A clutch, ya know? Turns out most Americans disagree with us, […]
  • Thieves still love older Hondas and pickups most, says NICB [w/video]
    Filed under: Sedan, Truck, Government/Legal, Safety, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, Toyota No one wants to have their car stolen, but a new study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau has some bad news for older Honda owners and pickup drivers. Fortunately, it has better news for drivers overall. The group is reporting that according to prelim […]
  • Should self-driving cars be equipped with adjustable ethics?
    Filed under: Technology, Read This Autonomous cars are piloting their way into the wide philosophical sea of ethics. Right now the autonomous cars are unaware of this because the driver's will always comes first, but when we start getting cars that can overrule commands or choose a particular ethical outcome either without or in spite of driver input, w […]
  • Japanese spark plug giant NGK pleads guilty to price fixing, to pay $52M fine
    Filed under: Maintenance, Government/Legal, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota The ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice into price fixing in the automotive industry has nabbed one more company breaking the law. Japanese parts giant NGK Spark Plug Company agreed to plead guilty to a felony count of pricing fixing and bid rigging in the in the US District C […]
  • Three-time Le Mans winner André Lotterer switches to F1 with Caterham
    Filed under: Motorsports, Hirings/Firings/Layoffs While we've seen professional racing drivers bounce back and forth between disciplines, generally speaking, a racer has to choose at some point in his career what he's going to focus on: stock cars, single-seaters, rally, touring cars, endurance prototypes...But we've been seeing a lot of excep […]
  • Lamborghini Miura and Countach driven back to back in bid to make Autoblog staff jealous
    Filed under: Classics, Coupe, Performance, Videos, Lamborghini For the Autoblog staff, we're in the honeymoon phase following the Monterey car week and Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. In terms of big, huge, labor-intensive events on the horizon, we're free until the beginning of October, when we'll ship off to Paris for its annual motor […]
  • Autoblog Podcast #393
    Filed under: Podcasts, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jaguar, Nissan, Rumormill Episode #393 of the Autoblog Podcast is here, and this week, Dan Roth, Steven Ewing, and Michael Harley talk about Monterey Car Week, the Woodward Dream Cruise and Dodge Charger Hellcat, and the latest round of mid-engine Corvette rumors. Dan also had the chance to speak with Jeffrey Rothfede […]
  • Land Rover lets us inside LR2-replacing Discovery Sport
    Filed under: SUV, Videos, Land Rover, Luxury, Off-Road We're now less than two weeks away from the unveiling of the new Discovery Sport, and Land Rover is continuing the piecemeal reveal of its new small sport-ute, this time giving us a glimpse of its interior space. Though the video below seems to focus more on the company's partnership with Virgi […]
  • NHTSA launches VIN search tool for finding recalls
    Filed under: Recalls, Safety We've already seen more vehicles recalled this year than any year on record. General Motors alone has issued campaigns covering about 25.75 million cars in the US. Finally, with 2014 more than half gone, it appears that the rate of these announcements is finally starting to slow, but that still leaves tens of million of driv […]

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  • A Commitment to the Future Workforce
    SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. Va. (August 19, 2014) – Last spring, Dr. Jo Harris had a hunch.   As president of the newly formed BridgeValley Community and Technical College, she oversaw the merger of Bridgemont and Kanawha Valley Colleges, building on the strengths of both institutions.  Dr. Harris’ hunch: that when good ideas are shared among the two colleges, that […]
  • Building Greener Pastures: Toyota Taps Sustainable Design Firm Corgan for New North American Headquarters
    Plano, Texas, Aug. 19, 2014 – It’s official. Dallas-based Corgan will be Toyota’s lead architect for its new North American headquarters campus in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences.
  • Annual Event Supplies Plenty of Opportunity
    When Tierra Kavanaugh Turner first came to the Opportunity Exchange (OE) more than a decade ago, she didn’t have the capacity or resources to be a supplier to Toyota. But that wasn’t about to stop her. So she continued to come, year after year. “They identified areas I needed to strengthen and improve – increasing staff, documenting processes, and exploring […]
  • Toyota Provides Free Public Wi-Fi at Six City Parks in Los Angeles, Four State Parks in New York, and One State Park in New Jersey
    LOS ANGELES (August 14, 2014) – The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks today announced that, thanks to Toyota and American Park Network, free public Wi-Fi is now available at six popular Los Angeles parks and beaches. This comes on the heels of a similar announcement last week by authorities in New York State of a program in four highly-v […]
  • Reaching New Heights: Kyle Busch to Make 500th Toyota NASCAR Start
    BROOKLYN, Mich. (Aug. 14, 2014) – No other driver has as many Toyota NASCAR starts, wins or accomplishments to his credit as driver Kyle Busch.  Busch will make his 500th career NASCAR start in a Toyota this Saturday when he climbs behind the wheel of a Tundra race truck at Michigan International Speedway in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) race […]
  • Tundra Drivers Make History. Break NASCAR Record
    It began when Erik Jones captured the checkered flag at Phoenix International Raceway on Nov. 8, 2013. It concluded when Darrell Wallace Jr. picked up a first-place trophy at the Eldora Speedway dirt track in Rossburg, Ohio on July 23, 2014. Twelve consecutive victories and a new NASCAR record – the longest string of wins by one manufacturer in the 19-year-h […]
  • Do A Double Take with Second Stunning Toyota FT-1 Sports Car Concept
    TORRANCE, Calif. (Aug. 13, 2014) – Proof that its beauty lies on the inside and out, Toyota revealed today a second interior styling and exterior color for an upscale interpretation of its sensational FT-1 sports car concept. Developed by Calty Design Research in Newport Beach, California, the concept vehicle’s graphite exterior paint and light, saddle-color […]
  • Let the Games Begin! Toyota Again Named Sustaining Host Sponsor of 2014 National Veterans Wheelchair Games
    Washington, DC (August 13, 2014) —The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Paralyzed Veterans of America are proud to announce that Toyota will again serve as a Sustaining Host Sponsor for the 34th National Veterans Wheelchair Games, which begin today in Philadelphia, and run through Sunday, August 17. Toyota will also be providing vehicles for National V […]
  • 2014 J.P. Morgan Auto Conference - Bob Carter
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations Bob Carter speaks about the state of the industry as well as the company’s upcoming products at the J.P. Morgan Auto Conference in New York on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014.  Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences.
  • Forget Ted, Hear Bob Talk.
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations Bob Carter will speak at the J.P. Morgan Auto Conference in New York on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014. Follow the presentation via live webcast beginning at 8:10 a.m. EDT. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences.
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