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Free Seminars Pertaining to Automobile

Free Seminar for Toyota Hybrid Car Owners


There will be three seminars pertaining to Automobile free of charge at the Prince of Wales’ College Auditorium during the Cambrian Motor Show 2014 which will be worked off on 7th and 8th June 2014 at the college premises. The Seminars will be held as follows.

Lecture by

Mr. Deeptha Appuhamy – [BSc (Eng) Mech. SL, Hybrid vehicles IMI UK, EFI Engines IMI UK] on 7th June from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Sponsored By: M.M.Organisation.Most Wanted Hybrid Car Services Links in Sri Lanka

Mr. Nuwan S. Madananayke, Hybrid Specialist (Sirasa Auto vision Presenter) and Mr. Lal Alawatte Consultant and Auto Engineer, will deliver a lecture on technical aspects of the vehicle and its operations on on 7th June from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Mr. Charith Ekanayake, Hybrid Specialist (Auto Engineer Worked at Honda Sri Lanka)  will deliver a Question and Answer Session about Honda Hybrid cars on on 8th June from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Interested are requested to call Indrajith on 0 729 729 000 for more details.

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Free Seminar for Toyota Hybrid Car Owners

M.M.Organisation the leading Toyota Parts dealer in Panchikawatte, has made arrangements to hold a seminar for Toyota Hybrid car owners on 25th February 2012 at Sanora Hall, Battaramulla. The seminar will start at 1.30 p.m. and will end at 5.30 p.m.

2nd Free Seminar for Toyota Hybrid Car Owners Internationally experienced Auto Engineer on hybrids Mr. A. Deeptha will deliver a lecture on technical aspects of the vehicle and its operations, difference between the conventional vehicles and hybrids, maintenance activities, the most important safety guidelines, what to do in an emergency , battery safety and the best driving habits to get the maximum fuel efficiency etc. Mr. Maxwell Ranasinghe will discuss about how to obtain genuine parts at better prices to maintain the vehicle well.

Further membership of Hybrid Car Owners Club will be offered free of charge to all the participants. This club membership will help hybrid owners in sharing their experience about usage of the vehicle and obtain discounts for spare parts from M.M.Organisation. After the in house seminar, a practical session will be held to demonstrate the major aspects of the vehicles operations.

First Free Hybrid Workshop - Sri Lanka

Spokesperson for M.M.Organisation informed that the seminar will be sponsored by them and the entrance would be free for all the Toyota Hybrid car owners.

Participation is limited only for 200 car owners and they will be registered for the seminar on first come first basis. Interested are requested to send an SMS to 0773 – 787878 and indicate “Register me for the seminar” …and the name” for registration as early as possible. All those registered will receive an invitation by an SMS to show at the entrance.


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Toyota Prius Start Up Problems

Toyota Prius (hybrid) wont start, what’s wrong?
Toyota Prius (hybrid) wont start, what's wrong?

When I pressed the power on button, nothing would happen. No lights, no sound, no response… the car was absolutely dead. (NHW 20)

What can I do? Is it a problem of the 12v battery? or the 400v? Can a Prius 2 be started with jumper cables on the 12v battery? Or should I just call the Toyota official dealer?

Please help, do you have any ideas or suggestions what I can do to get the car working or what is wrong?  Dr. Sampath

Jump Starting Your Prius

Prius Battery DieDear All, please check out this videos. hopefully this wasn’t a mistake & Don’t Let Your Prius’ Battery Die, Ever.

Thanks, Indrajith.

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Porsche Panamera – Hybrid Now is Sri Lanka

Porsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri LankaPorsche Panamera - Hybrid Now is Sri Lanka

The Panamera S Hybrid has a 3.0-liter V6 compressor engine with direct fuel injection and fully variable intake camshaft timing adjustment. Combined with the charge effect of the compressor, this ensures a high torque of 324 lb.-ft. even at low engine speeds. Power output is 333 hp.

The combustion engine is assisted by a 47 hp electric motor incorporated between the transmission and the engine. The motor is supplied by a high-voltage nickel-metal hydride battery located below the floor of the rear luggage compartment.

Together, the two units develop a maximum total system output of 380 hp and a maximum system torque of 428 lb.-ft. and accelerate the Panamera S Hybrid from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. Top track speed is 167 mph. This is achieved with fuel consumption of just 7.1 l/100 km.

The interplay between combustion engine, electric motor and high-voltage battery is regulated by the electronic engine management system. It engages and disengages the combustion engine by means of a specially developed separating coupling. Thanks to the rapid-action separating coupling and the equally fast response of the combustion engine, these processes are performed comfortably and smoothly. You do not need to adapt to the system.

Panamera S Hybrid: Fuel consumption* in (l/100 km) urban 7.6 · extra urban 6.8 · combined 7.1 · CO2 emissions 167 g/km

*  Figures for optional 19-inch All-season tyres optimised for rolling resistance in l/100 km: urban 7.4 · extra urban 6.6 · combined 6.8 · CO2 emissions 159 g/km.

Porsche Panamera  2011 S Hybrid Car

Read more…

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Hybrid Car Emergency Procedure

Hybrid Car Accident in Sri Lanka.

Hybrid car accident in Sri LankaHybrid car accident in Sri LankaHybrid car accident in Sri LankaHybrid car accident in Sri Lanka


1) Turn off ignition switch and remove key (if so equipped). This turns off the engine and the motor, which prevents electric current from flowing into the cables from the motor or high-voltage battery, and, turns off power to the airbags and the seatbelt pre-tensioner.

2) After turning off the ignition switch, it is recommended that emergency responders remove the key (if so equipped) so the car cannot be inadvertently restarted. To let everyone at the crash scene know the key is removed, give the key to the I/C, who will make a general announcement regarding the key. At this point, the high-voltage system has been isolated. This improves responder safety in and around the vehicle.

3) The next step is to shut down the 12V electrical system on the hybrid just as we typically do on any conventional vehicle involve din an MVA.

4) Locate the 12V battery. It may or may not be under the hood. In the Toyota Prius it is located inside the driver’s rear wheel well within the trunk. Either disconnect or double cut first the negative and then the positive cable. This disables the high-voltage battery controller, which prevents electric current from flowing into the orange cables and the high-voltage battery.

5) With the ignition key turned off and removed and the 12V battery disabled, the hybrid vehicle is safe to work on for vehicle rescue. High-voltage electricity still exists, but it is isolated to the battery pack, generally in the trunk of cars or under the rear passenger seat in pick-ups.

6) An alternative to disabling the 12V battery is to remove the HEV fuse, generally located in the engine compartment junction box. When in doubt pull all fuses in this box.

7) Stabilize the vehicle. Crib at four points directly under the front and rear pillars. Do not place cribbing under high-voltage power cables, exhaust system or fuel system.

8) At this point conventional rescue techniques may be used, including cutting of door hinges, modified dash roll, steering wheel displacement, etc. However caution must be used at all times to avoid cutting any high or intermediate-voltage lines.

9) Should a hybrid be involved in a rollover, end up on its roof, this may prevent access to the engine compartment and disabling of the 12V battery may not be possible. This poses a serious threat. If access to the 12V battery is not hindered, extrication can be handled as in any conventional vehicle rollover.

10) The removal of the roof of hybrids such as the Toyota Prius may be easily accomplished by opening the hatch to gain access for cutting of the pillars. The hatch will need to be opened manually with pry tools because 12V power is needed to open the hatch.

11) Hybrid identification tags are located in the rear and/or sides of the vehicle. Severe impacts in these areas could destroy or hide the identification tags. You must be sure to look for other hybrid identifications, make sure you are aware of the models on the road, and when in doubt assume the vehicle is a hybrid until proven otherwise.


1) A fire involving a hybrid vehicle can be handled by following normal vehicle firefighting procedures. In a typical vehicle fire incident, the engine compartment, interior of vehicle or trunk area are burning. By following generally accepted fire suppression guidelines, crews attack the fire with an adequate water flow rate, working from a safe position of approach.

2) SCBA is worn throughout the incident.

3) The initial fire attack should be a fast and aggressive attack.

4) Fire crews may not be able to identify a hybrid until the fire has been knocked down and overhaul operations have commenced.

5) The wheels should be chocked as soon as safely possible.

6) During overhaul, the same steps defined in the extrication module should be used to disable the high-voltage system. (shut down power, disable 12V system)

7) Fire suppression crews will not be shocked or electrocuted during attack on a hybrid vehicle fire, even if flames are impinging on the battery pack itself.

8) There are potential, unique problems involving fire situations with hybrid vehicles. Any fire where there is direct flame impingement on the high-voltage battery pack would be an example. A fire that has originated within the battery pack itself or an electrical fire that begins somewhere within the high-voltage electrical system would also require special precautions.

9) Radiant heat could cause the modules inside the high-voltage battery to melt just as any plastic material would exposed to high temperatures. If heated sufficiently, it is possible the plastic casings could melt down, exposing the inner components of the high-voltage battery.

10) Copious amounts of water should be used quickly to eliminate radiant heat to the battery box and begin cooling the plastic battery cell modules in the high-voltage battery pack itself.

11) Should a fire in the Ni-MH HV battery pack occur, the I/C will have to decide whether to pursue an offensive or defensive.

12) If a melted nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery is encountered, the I/C may want the nearest dealer of the vehicle notified to send a designated battery recovery specialist to the scene to deal with the damaged battery.

13) In the Ni-MH Product Safety Data Sheet, responders are advised that virtually all fires involving Ni-MH batteries can be controlled with water. The information sheet also recommends “In case of fire where nickel metal batteries are present, apply a smothering agent such as METL-X, sand, dry ground dolomite, soda ash, or flood the area with water. A smothering agent will extinguish burning nickel metal hydride batteries.”

14) Class D extinguishers are the recommended extinguisher to use with Ni-MH batteries. But…….

15) Not all Class D extinguishers are equal. Some contain particles of metal such as copper. Copper, for example, is one metal that may actually cause an adverse reaction with the high-voltage battery and generate hydrogen gas. In a small space, such as a trunk, this could cause an explosion.

16) Large amounts of water will not be able to directly attack a fire burning inside the battery pack unit itself. The metal cover of the pack prevents a direct attack on the internal cells of the battery. The water application, however, will cool the adjacent battery cells. Burning Ni-MH batteries will burn themselves out. Applying sufficient amounts of water will cool the metal housing of the battery pack and control the fire until the battery modules that are actually on fire burn themselves out. DO NOT EVER REMOVE THE COVER OF THE HIGH-VOLTAGE BATTERY PACK!

17) When water is used to extinguish Ni-MH battery fires, some hydrogen gas may evolve. In this situation ventilation will be needed to prevent a build up of the gas. Leaving the trunk, hatchback or battery compartment cover open is advised to ensure ventilation of the gas. If there is a concern that hydrogen gas is present, and ventilation is not possible, fire smothering agents are recommended.

18) A battery fire WILL produce toxic fumes, including oxides of nickel cobalt, aluminum, manganese, lanthanum, cerium, neodymium and praseodymium. Because of this, SCBA must be worn throughout the fire attack and during overhaul.

19) In addition, keep the “hot zone” clear of unnecessary personnel. Keep all “hot zone” personnel fully protected with structural clothing that addresses Level 3 hazmat personal protective clothing criteria and SCBA.


1. Chock wheels

2. Remove/Find Key

3. Give key to I/C

4. I/C makes general announcement regarding key

5. Locate power button/Shut off power

6. Engage emergency brake

7. Cut negative 12V cable

8. Cut positive 12V cable

9. Do not touch or cut any orange or blue loom!

10. Wait 5 minutes before making any cuts for extrication!

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Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual: 2004-2008

Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual: 2004-2008 is the hands-on reference that shows you how to service and maintain your Prius.

This Bentley Manual contains the essential information and know-how you need to take the mystery out of servicing the Toyota Prius with Hybrid Synergy Drive®. You’ll find step-by-step directions from safely disabling the high voltage system to real-world practical repair and maintenance procedures and full-color technical training.

The aim throughout has been simplicity and clarity, with detailed explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Both the professional technician and the do-it-yourself Prius owner will find this manual indispensable as a source of detailed maintenance and repair information. Even Prius owners who have no intention of working on their vehicle will find that reading and owning this manual makes it possible to discuss repairs more intelligently with a professional technician.

Model and engine coverage:Hybrid Sri Lanka

  • 2004 – 2008 Prius NHW20
  • 1NZ-FXE Engine

Technical highlights:

  • Written for both experienced professionals and do-it-yourself owners, this book removes the mystery and explains the technology behind the Toyota Prius in an easy and understandable style.
  • Advanced technological features described: High-voltage power inverter, hybrid motor / generators, electric air-conditioning compressor, electric power steering, continuously variable transmission, regenerative brakes and more.
  • Maintenance procedures from changing the oil to replacing the air/fuel ratio sensor. This manual tells you what to do and how and when to do it.
  • Valve clearance adjustment.
  • Cooling system and radiator service. Detailed instructions for checking, filling and bleeding engine and transaxle / inverter coolant.
  • Fuel injection and ignition system diagnostics.
  • Suspension repair procedures, including strut replacement.
  • Brakes and steering troubleshooting and repair.
  • Door, window, bumper, and seat service and repairs.
  • Electrical system service, with an illustrated component locator section.
  • Comprehensive wiring schematics, including power distribution and grounds.
  • Toyota OBD II diagnostic trouble codes, SAE-defined OBD II P-codes, as well as scan tool operation.
  • Toyota’s Emergency Response Guide.

by Bentley Publishers

Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual: 2004-2008

Hybrid Cars English Manuals in Sri Lanka To purchase this English manuals in locally call 071 4723308

Honda Civic Hybrid Owners Manualhonda hybrid manual download

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Hybrid Car Maintenance Service Stations in Sri Lanka

Anybody knows or recommend partner or service station for Toyota Hybrid car main trance in Sri Lanka ?

Join with us & share your experience & knowledge.  Just click add comment tag below and add your valued comment for this blog.
Hybrid Cars in Sri Lanka

Finally all our effort is to create an online community to share all information on hybrid cars in Sri Lanka.

Please share this blog among all your known parties who are interested in hybrid cars.

Web Master

+94 714 518 499


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Hybrid Car FAQs

Hybrid Car Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What about the battery life of a hybrid car?

Batteries used in hybrid cars prove quite expensive while replacing them. However the car engineers have been successful in designing these batteries in a way that they would last as long as the lifetime of the car. Most of the hybrid car manufacturers give the warranty of eight to ten years and this is quite a long period for the car battery to last. You would be surprised to know that Toyota hasn’t replaced a single battery pack for the popular hybrid Prius since it was brought on the market in 2000.

Question: What makes a hybrid car more expensive than the conventional car?

Hybrid cars cost a few thousand dollars more than their conventional counterparts. The price of the hybrid car increases because of the costly batteries introduced in them and two engines in place of one. However, if we consider the purchase in the long run, hybrid cars prove much cheaper than the conventional cars if the total fuel consumption is taken into consideration.

Question: Is a hybrid car slower than the conventional car?

Hybrid cars are by no means slower than the non hybrid counterparts. In fact most of the hybrid cars these days attain more than 100 mph of the maximum speed which is more than enough for many people.

Question: How to recharge the hybrid battery?

There is no need to plug in the batteries in the hybrid cars in order to charge them up. In fact they are charged in the normal course of the drive. During braking and coasting the extra energy released gets converted into electricity which recharges the battery.

Question: How does cold weather affect the performance of hybrid cars?

Generally car battery doesn’t work well at low temperatures; but in most of the hybrid cars thermal management system is introduced to cope with the problem and so the car battery gets charged up as soon as you start the car. When the car battery attains the normal operating temperature which happens pretty fast, the car can perform well even at lower temperatures.

Question: What about driving hybrid car in hot weather conditions?

Driving a car in hot weather conditions is a tough ask indeed. There are a few automobile experts who doubt the safety involved in driving hybrid cars. According to them high voltage batteries used in hybrid cars can be very dangerous in hot weather conditions as there are chances of catching fire quickly. They also say that if a car meets with an accident, the car will catch fire so fast that it would be very difficult to rescue people travelling in the hybrid car. However, this criticism doesn’t hold good if we consider the fact that most of the hybrid cars have performed pretty well in the southern part of the U.S.A. like Florida, Arizona or Texas. As regards the high voltage battery pack, it has the thermal management system to control the heat inside. When the battery gets hot after a certain limit, the system will shut it off automatically; thus saving it from any untoward incident.

Question: What are ‘Green Vehicles’?

Hybrid cars are popularly known as green cars on account of their eco-friendly characteristics. These are the cars with low emissions which imparted them the status of eco-friendly vehicles. Hybrid cars are rapidly emerging as a promising option and a feasible solution to the fuel problems of the world. The fewer and cleaner emission of hybrid cars is an important characteristic of hybrid cars. These cars are known to lower the noise pollution level as their engines go on generating the necessary amount of horsepower without much roaring. When you switch the car on the electric mode, the car is virtually silent even when set in motion. Green vehicles indeed, aren’t they?

While global warming has become a serious environmental issue, using a hybrid car is a wise option to cope with the situation. Reduction in smoke and the emission of pollutants because of the hybrid cars will certainly prove ecologically beneficial.

Question: Is hydrogen fuel cell technology posing a threat to hybrids?

According to many auto experts, cars powered by hydrogen won’t pose any threat to the sales of hybrid cars for at least ten to twenty years to come. The first set of hydrogen powered cars will have a single energy source and so hybrids will be a far better option.

Question: What encouragement is given to promote the use of hybrids?

In many countries use of hybrid cars is being encouraged by the governments. There are many schemes initiated by the governments to promote the use of hybrid cars. For instance, in the United States of America, you get some tax benefits if you buy hybrid vehicles. In some countries the road traffic departments allow hybrid car owners to park their vehicles free of charge. There also are some specially built roads only for hybrid cars. These perks certainly encourage the potential car buyer to go for a hybrid car.

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What is JAAI certificate ?

Export Inspection Certificate of JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute Tokyo Branch)

What is JAAI Certificate ?

What is JAAI Certificate ?

After passing JAAI’s inspection, a label is attached to the vehicle and a certifcation in English is issued. Because JAAI stores related documents for a period of one year after vehicle inspection, JAAI is able to respond to inquiries on a vehicle’s condition, manufacturing year, grade, equipment, and driving distance at the time of inspection.

The standards and regulations on vehicle safety vary in each country, but JAAI is able to conduct inspections according to the conditions set in each country by flexibly altering the inspection details.

Read more about (JAAI) certificate.

Car Grading System

Auction houses in Japan put a number on the quality of the vehicle which represents a very strict inspection by automobile inspectors. Condition, age, usage and worth of a vehicle is taken into consideration when establishing that number. This number is called Grading and it tells the story of the vehicle. Such grades normally range from 0 to 5. This number is shown either on the top right corner or top left corner of the auction inspection sheet.

Car Grading System

Car Grading System

Accident cars are 0 Grade, poor quality cars that our company never considers buying are 3 Grade or below. Fair quality is 3.5 Grade. Good quality is 4.0 Grade. Best quality is 4.5 grade. And top quality which is showroom standard and nearly new cars are 5.0 Grade.

It is very important to note that grading alone will not define the quality or worth of a vehicle. It is only a subjective assessment by automobile inspector. A different inspector even in the same auction house may grade the car differently.

Auction grade should only be used as first hand assessment to obtain the idea of the condition and depending solely on auction grading can be deceptive.

At Japan Auto Exports, we do not simply reply on the auction grading sheet but we physically inspect the vehicle to ensure quality. Our staff take time to thoroughly examine the car condition, quality of engine, km, transmission, air conditioning, exterior, interior and give accurate and detailed information about vehicle to our customers so that they can make wise buying decision.

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Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Review

As with many of Toyota’s vehicles, the Prius has become a standard-bearer in its segment. While many automakers have yet to even develop a gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, Toyota is already on its third generation of the Prius. This four-door hybrid has become a hit with consumers because of its stellar fuel economy, relatively uncompromised driving and acceleration characteristics and reasonable price.

The Toyota Prius (its name comes from Latin and means “to go before”) exists as a partial solution to the automobile’s problem of tailpipe emissions. The Prius, like other hybrid vehicles, has a special powertrain that combines a gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine with an electric motor. This powertrain, along with other advanced features, allows the Prius to deliver higher fuel economy and lower emissions compared to regular cars.

Due to its popularity and relatively long sales history, Toyota’s original hybrid car is a strong candidate for a shopper interested in a used hybrid vehicle. So far, it seems Toyota’s reputation for reliability and durability is holding true for the Prius. Early concerns about long-term durability have turned out to be mostly unfounded. However, potential buyers of a used Prius should take extra care during the research process. As the Toyota Prius is quite complex, future repairs and part replacements could be quite expensive.

Current Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius was completely redesigned for 2010. However, it remains a four-door hatchback that seats five people. The car’s hybrid powertrain consists of a 1.8-liter gasoline engine that produces 98 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque that’s used in conjunction with two electric motors and a special planetary gearset that functions as a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Total system power is 134 hp.

Under full acceleration, both power sources work together to provide maximum oomph. But under lighter load conditions such as stop-and-go traffic, the Prius alternates between the two, often running on battery power alone. This maximizes the car’s fuel economy potential. A regenerative braking system converts energy normally lost as heat into electricity to charge the car’s battery pack. The current powertrain is a little more robust on the highway than the previous-generation car, although not really any quicker away from a traffic light. It is more fuel-efficient, however, with an EPA combined fuel economy estimate of 50 mpg — which is tops in the hybrid game.

Other changes for this new model include a more sculpted take on the iconic hybrid shape established by its predecessor. The interior was given a more radical overhaul, with a more conventional center control stack than the old car. The hybrid system display now resides high up on the dash next to the digital speedometer, while stereo and climate controls are laid out in a traditional manner with physical buttons rather than a touchscreen (which reappears if you order the optional navigation system). The result is a car that’s easier to acclimate to. It’s also a bit more comfortable for taller drivers, thanks to a height-adjustable seat and a telescoping steering wheel.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the Prius’ superb interior packaging, which helps extends the car’s appeal beyond simple fuel efficiency. Its hatchback body style allows for an impressive amount of cargo to be lugged around, while a surprisingly commodious backseat makes it a plausible replacement for a family sedan or compact SUV.

In reviews, we’ve found the current Toyota Prius to build upon its revolutionary predecessor’s successful formula of fuel efficiency and versatility. It’s now a more normal car to drive and use, making it easier to transition from a traditional car. While Honda’s less expensive but smaller Insight is worth a test-drive, those looking for a hybrid should still start their search with the Toyota Prius.

Used Toyota Prius Models

The second-generation Toyota Prius was produced for the 2004-’09 model years. It sat five people in a four-door hatchback body that provided extra versatility in terms of carrying items. This Prius’ hybrid powertrain was the same in concept as the current third-generation model, but it featured a smaller, 1.5-liter gasoline engine that produced 76 horsepower and 82 pound-feet of torque. With the electric motor spinning out power, peak net hp was 110.

Aside from its hybrid system upgrades, most buyers will find the interior to be the biggest area of difference between the second-generation model and the current Prius. The dashboard and controls were unconventional and futuristic, with stereo, climate, vehicle system and optional navigation controls residing in a touchscreen interface. There were steering wheel buttons for frequently used items, but ultimately, too much was put under the jurisdiction of the touchscreen (which could wash out in sunlight). The odd gear-selector action of today’s Prius was carried over from this generation, but then it was mounted on the dash. Another important difference to note is the lack of a telescoping steering wheel and height adjustment, making for an even more awkward driving position for taller people.

During its successful tenure in Toyota’s lineup, this second-generation Prius received minor changes. For 2006, a back-up camera, leather upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel and an auxiliary audio jack were added to the options list. A Prius Touring model was added the following year with a slightly firmer “sport” suspension, different 16-inch alloy wheels, a larger rear lip spoiler and several optional items. Side and side curtain airbags also became standard across the board. A “standard” trim level, which lacks cruise control and heated mirrors but in exchange had a significantly lower base price, was added for 2008.

In reviews of the Toyota Prius, our editors have cited outstanding mileage, ultralow emissions, hatchback utility and a reasonable price as the car’s greatest strengths. Downsides include soft handling characteristics at highway speeds and, compared to regular midsize sedans, unimpressive maximum acceleration. Most Prius owners say their cars typically achieve real-world mpg ratings in the mid-40s.

The original Prius debuted in the North American market for the 2001 model year. However, Toyota had been selling it in Japan since 1997. This model was the second hybrid vehicle available to U.S. consumers after the Honda Insight. In just about every aspect, the original Prius has been eclipsed by the second-generation car. The first-generation Toyota is slower, smaller and not as comfortable. But this in no way means that it is to be avoided. For a consumer interested in a used and affordable hybrid vehicle, this first-gen Toyota Prius could be a smart choice.

Though less advanced than those in the newer generations, the older Prius’ powertrain still paired a gasoline engine with an electric motor. Its 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine made 70 hp at 4,500 rpm and 82 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 rpm. The electric drive motor was worth another 44 peak hp.

Selecting a used Prius based on year shouldn’t be too difficult. Models built for 2002 and ’03 might have more of a draw, as it was then that Toyota started to offer additional optional features, such as a navigation system, side airbags and cruise control. Most first-generation owners seem quite happy with their cars and overall reliability has been very good.

Read more about Prius 2001 models (3rd Generation)

Toyota Prius PLUS at the Geneva Motor Show 2011

Toyota Prius Alpha 2011

Toyota Prius: Intelligent Parking Assist

Toyota Prius – interior design, detailing and features

Toyota Prius: Audio System

Toyota Prius: Fuel Filler Door & Gas Cap

Toyota Prius-III Interior features and controls

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Autos Hybrid Car Talk Hybrid Car Technology hybrid car used Hybrid Car users in Sri Lanka Hybrid Center Hybrid Chat hybrid computers Hybrid Conversion Hybrid Experts hybrid honda civic Hybrid Insurance Hybrid Hybrid Lanka Facebook Hybrid Maintenance Manual hybrid manual hybrid modulation hybrid motorcycle Hybrid Motors Lanka HYBRID MOTORS LANKA (PVT) LTD Hybrid Motors Singapore Hybrids Cars Release hybrids duty free hybrids duty free - LBO hybridsrilanka Hybrid Taxi hybrid technology hybrid toyota Hybrid vehicle Hybrid vehicle - Wikipedia hybrid vehicle import duty sri lanka Hybrid Vehicles from Toyota Hybrid Vehicles in Sri Lanka Hybrid Vehicle Toyota Lanka In Sri Lanka Hybrid Vs Conventional Cars Hybrid Zone HYBRID Z Specification hyundai sri lanka Free Car Classifieds Images for toyota hybrid 2012 import duity on automobile Import duties on hybrid vehicles Import Hybrid Cars from Japan Import tax on hybrid Import Used Japanese Car Improve Hybrid Performance and Acceleration infolanka Insurance Board of Sri Lanka Insurance companies Sri Lanka Insurance Discount Insurance Quotes Invest Sri Lanka Janashakthi Life Insurance Japan Auto Appraisal Institute Japan Auto Appraisal Institute Tokyo Japanese Used Hybrid Cars Japanese Used Toyota Prius Hybrid Sedan Car In Colombo Label of JAAI Lal Alawatta Lal Alawatta Associates Contact details lankaautomart lanka car sales Lanka News Blog lanka toyota lk LEXUS - Full Hybrid Cars list of hybrid cars List of hybrid vehicles List of road accidents Lorries low cost car insurance Low Price hybrid used cars. 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SALA ProSat Seminar on HONDA Hybrids Seminar on Toyota Hybrids Sinhaputhra goes hybrid Sirasa TV Autovision Southern Motor Sports Club (SMSC) srilancars Sri Lanka Accidents News Sri Lanka allows electric cars Sri Lanka automobile market Srilanka Automobile Sports Clubs Sri Lanka Auto Sale Sri Lanka Car Auto Vehicle Insurance Sri Lanka Car Import Costs Down Sri Lanka Car Rentals srilanka car trade Sri Lanka Custom import Tax Calculator Sri Lanka Customs Sri Lanka GPS Map sri lanka hybrid cars market Sri Lanka Hybrid Cars News sri lanka hybrid tax sri lanka hybrid vehicles Sri Lanka Insurance Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Sri Lanka Motor Cycle Club (SLMCC) Sri Lankan Economy Sri Lankan Hybrid Vehicle market Sri Lanka No 1 Automobile Portal srilankasale Sri Lanka used cars Sri Lanka used cars, Sri Lanka gift permit and blue permit Sri Lanka vehicle import tax calculator sri lanka Vehicle prices Sri Lanka vehicle taxes Sri Lanka Water Car Stafford Motor Co.(Pvt) Ltd Stafford Motors Stafford Motors Colombo tax credit for hybrid cars tax incentives for hybrid cars The 3rd Generation Toyota Prius Hybrid models and prices Tips for Driving a Hybrid tips for finding good used hybrid cars Tips for finding good Used Hybrid Cars Top Ranked Hybrids toyota 121 sri lanka toyota 2012 Toyota Announces Safety Recall 2014 toyota axio sri lankan market toyota canada toyota cars Toyota Company Profile toyota dealers Toyota Genuine Motor Oil Toyota Hiace Features & Specifications toyota hybrid toyota hybrid 2012 Toyota Hybrid Accessories Toyota Hybrid Car Owners club toyota hybrid cars toyota hybrid cars for sale toyota hybrid cars sri lanka Toyota Hybrid Models toyota lanaka dealers Toyota Lanka toyota lanka contact number Toyota Lanka Hilux Toyota Lanka Links Toyota Launch Prius C Toyota Launch Prius C 'Aqua' Hybrid Toyota Lexus Hybrid Sri Lanka Price toyota news toyota prado toyota prius Toyota Prius - Fuel Economy Toyota Prius 2011 Performance & Specifications Toyota Prius 2011 Specifications Toyota Prius Auto Parts Online Toyota PRIUS Cars for sale in Sri Lanka Toyota Prius Forums Toyota Prius Hybrid Basic (general) data Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine Toyota Prius Hybrid Performance Toyota prius hybrid repair manual free download toyota prius hybrid repair manual free download Toyota Prius minivan coming in 2011 Toyota prius NHW20 maintenance manual toyota prius parts toyota prius pictures toyota prius recall Toyota Prius Repair Toyota Prius Repair and Maintenance Manual Toyota Prius Research All Models and Prices toyota prius review Toyota Prius Testimonials Toyota Prius Video Test Drive Toyota Prius Vs Honda Insight Comparison Toyota Prius Wikipedia TOYOTA Recall Information toyota sri lanka toyota srilanka toyota yaris Traffic Crash Reports Trip Cost Calculator True Story About A Hybrid True Story About Hybrid Car Union Assurance Unregistered Honda cars Used Hybrid Car Used Hybrid Car Search Used Hybrid Cars for Sale Used Hybrid Cars For Sale In Sri Lanka Used Hybrid Cars For Sale Sri Lanka used toyota prius Used Toyota Prius Hybrid in Japanese Dealers Van prices tumble through Budget 2015 Vehical Import Regulation vehicle import costing vehicle import costing .xls vehicle import costing xls Vehicle import duties Sri Lanka vehicle import duty sri lanka Warranty on Hybrid battery what is a hybrid car What is JAAI certificate Why Hybrid? Why Hybrid cars ? wideshaseva

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  • Mervin Silva's Election Dance
    jfr,a,d jfr,a,duyskao Èkjkakg ldf, weú,a,d oskk me;a;g tl;= fjh,a,du¾úka fn.a .S;h fudâ lrhsBfha le,Ksh m%foaYfha ikaOdkfha ckm;sjrK m%pdrl ld¾hd,hla újD; lsÍug iyNd.SjQ weu;s u¾úka is,ajd zweú,a,d weú,a,d isxy, wjqreoao weú,a,dZ kue;s fudysÈka fn.a .hk ckm%sh .S;fha moje, kùlrKh lrñka ckm;sjrKhg ld,h meñK weú;a ;sfnk nj;a Èkk me;a;g tl;=ù uyskao Èkjk f,i;a […]
  • Sunil Shantha's 99th Birth Anniversary Memorial
    Pix By - Kavindu Anthony
  • Harun Lantra's House Robbers Nabbed
    yrEka ,ka;%df.a uqo,a fld,a, lEfõwka;¾cd,fhka ±kf.k Tyq fidhd wd rislhskafidreka úiska m%ùK .dhl yrEka ,ka;%d uy;df.a ksjfia ;sî remsh,a 70000 l uqo,la fld,a,lkq ,eîfuka miq fmd,sish isÿ l< úu¾Yk j,ska fuu fidreka ljq±hs y÷kdf.k ;sfnkjd'ta fjk;a lsisfjl= fkdj Tyqf.a .S;j,g wdorh lrk nj mjiñka Tyq ±l.kakg ksjig meñKs rislhska ;sfofkls'  ikaOHd Ys […]
  • Koslanda Landslide Tragedy - Updates
    mdi,a isiqka 75 lg foudmshka ke;sjqKd'''wyia hdkhla md;afjkj jf.a ioaohla wdjdÈúfírd.;a fldia,kao ,hska ldur jeishka l|jqf¾È lshk l;dfldia,kao m%foaYfha isÿjQ kdhhdfuka ,hska ldurj, isá mjq,a ye;a;Ejla muK wk;=rg ,laj ;snQ w;r lv ldur oyhlao" ks, ksjdi ;=kla o" fldaú,la yd m%cdYd,djla o iïmQ¾Kfhkau mia lkaog hgj .shd'j¾. lsf,daó […]
  • Koslanda Landslide Tragedy
    1997 È;a kdh .shd2005 § ,hska ldur bj;a lrkak lSjdta;a Tjqka fldfya hkako@,xldfõ  uOHu l÷lr kdh hEï b;sydifha  oreKqu fÄojdplh iksgqyka lrñka fldia,kao óßhlkao f;aj;af;a lsf,daóg¾ folla Bfha ^29& fmrjre 7'45 g muK ,xld is;shfuka uelS .shd'1997  fldia,kafoa kdleáh kdh f.dia ;snqK w;r'thska y;a fokl= ñh .shd'f.dvke.s,s yd m¾fhaIK wdh;kh […]
  • Koslanda Landslide : Aerial footage (video)
    fldia,kao kdhhdu .=jfka isg(video)kdh hdug ,la jQ  fldia,kao" óßhneoao m%foaYfha f;dr;=re jd¾;d lsÍug Bfha isri ksõia*iaÜ lKavdhu fy,sfldmagrhlska f.dia ;snqKd' Tjqka tys§kdh hdug ,la jQ  óßhneoao  m%foaYfha .=jkska ,nd .;a o¾Yk my;ska oelafõ' (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
  • 300 Believed Trapped in Koslanda Landslide
    fldia,kao kdhhdfuka w;=reoka msßi 300 hs;ju yuqjQ u< isrere 14 hswo WoEik nÿ,a, fldia,kao óßhneoao m%foaYfha isÿ jQ kdhhdï ;;ajhksid w;=reoka msßi ±ka 300 blaujd we;ehs jd¾;d jkjd'wo WoEik mdi,g .sh mdi,a isiqka yer tu mia lkao hg tu wjia:dfõ Ôj;ajQ ksfjiaj, isá jeä msßi fuu kdhhdu ksid ñhhkakg we;ehs jd¾;d jkjd'wdmod l
  • The Designer Wedding Show 2014
    Pix By -Nadun Baduge
  • Jackson Anthony Speaks About 'Mud Film Rumour'
    uu rcfhka .ymq i,a,shla kEhx;x ÿmam;alu jy.kafkuf.a orefjd hkafk mdfr niaj,''''- celaika weka;kSl,d Ys,amS celaika weka;ks i;s wka;fha mqj;am;a iïuqL idlÉPdjlg tlafjñka Tyqg tfrysj fï Èkj, me;sr hk m%pdrhka iïnkaOj woyia ±lajQjd'Tyq lshd isáfha Tyq rcfha m%pdrh i|yd uv Ñ;%mghla lrkak hk l;dj fndre nj;a Tyq fï ;dla rcfhka uqo,a […]
  • Consolation of Harun Lantra & Family
    ksji fidreka ì| wirKjQyreka ,ka;%dg ,laIhlaye`.=ïnr wdor .S .dhkd lr hq.hla wdf,dal l< m%ùK .dhl yreka ,ka;%d .dhlhdf.a ksjig fydre mek Tyq wka; wirK jQfha miq.shodh'fuu isoaêh ksid Tyqg uqo,a wysñjQjdfiau wkdrlaIs;j jdih lsÍfï ìho we;súh'le,Ksh fmd,afyak cd;sl ksjdi ixlS¾Kfha úiQ yreka ,ka;%d iy Tyqf.a ìßh jdih l< ksjig Èfkl rd;%S ld, […]
  • Dayasiri Speaks About His Personal Affairs
    jhs*a bkafk fld
  • 2015 Budget : Parliament Poets
    2015 wh jeh lúmd¾,sfïka;=fõ wrUd ;sfnk fujr whjeh újdoh lú j,ska ri.kajkakg weu;sjre uka;%Sjre lsysmfofkl=u W;aidy l
  • Policeman’s Body Found on Wellawatte Beach
    je,a,j;a; uqyqfoa mdjQ fmd,sia fldia;dm,af.a wNsryia u< isrer je,a,j;a; fmd,sia ia:dkfha rdcldß l< fldia;dm,ajrhl=f.a u< isrerla wìryia f,i je,a,j;a; uqyqÿ ;Srfha mdfjñka ;sìh § Bfha ^27& fmrjrefõ fidhd.;a;d'kdúl yuqod hd;%djla tu fjr< ;Srh wi(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
  • Government Servants Income Tax Phobia
    mä jeäjqK rdcH fiajlhka ±ka wdodhï nÿ f.jkak fjhs lsh, nhfj,d-   weu;s frdays;miq.shod ckm;sjrhd bÈßm;a l< whjeh fhdackd wkqj rcfha fiajlhskaf.a jegqma jeäùu .ek rdcH fiajlhska i;=áka wkaoukaoù isák nj;a we;eï wh fuu jeäùu ksid ;ukag wdodhï nÿ f.jkakg isÿfõ hhs ìfhka miqjk nj;a weu;s frdays; wfí.=Kj¾Ok /iaùul§ m%ldY l
  • Hiru Golden Film Awards 2014
    Hiru Golden Film Awards    Photo Collection 1  HERE   ---  Photo Collection 2  HEREPhoto Collection 1 of 2Pix By - Indika MallawarachchiPhoto Collection 2 of 2Pix By - Indika Prabath Weerasinghe
  • 2015 Budget & Vehicle Price Change
    2015 whjeh ksidjdyk ñ, wvqjk yeá2015 whjeh u.ska fudag¾ r: i|yd y÷kajd ÿka kj ir, noao fya;=fjka tkaðka Odß;djh 1000 g wvq fudag¾ r: iy jEka r:j, ñ, .Kkaj, lemS fmfkk wvqùula isÿjkq we;ehs ,xld jdyk wdkhk lrejkaf.a ix.ufha iNdm;s iïm;a fufrxÑf.a uy;d m%ldY lrkjd'fï ksid yhì%â fudag¾ r: yd cmka fudag¾ r:j, ñ, .Kkao iq¿ jYfhka wvqúh yels kuq;a th lemS fmf […]
  • Aheliyagoda Three Wheeler Accident CCTV
    mqoa.,fhl= urd±uQweye,shf.dv ;%Sù,a wk;=r (CCTV)weye,shf.dv k.rfha§ miq.shod isÿjQ wk;=rlska mqoa.,fhl= ñ w;r ldka;djl ;=jd, ,enqjd'fõ.fhka wd ;%sfrdao r:hla mdr udrefjñka isá jfhdajDoaO mqoa.,fhl= ymamdf.k f.dia ;j;a ;%Sfrdaor:hl yemS fmr(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
  • Sunil T's Daughter's Birthday with Artists
    Pix By - Indika Mallawarachchi
  • D Pavilion Inn Cricketers Party
    Pix By - Suren Abeysundara
  • Budget Speech 2015
    2015 whjeh fhdackd ckm;s yd uqo,a weue;s uyskao rdcmlaI wo^24& md¾,sfïka;=fõ§ bÈßm;a l< whjeh fhdackdj,sfhys lemS fmfkk ldrKd lsysmhla idrdxY jYfhka my; ±lafõ' rcfha fiajl §ukdj remsh,a 10"000l Wmßuh olajd 2200lska jeä flf¾rcfha fiajlhkag wju udisl jegqm 15"000 Ôjk úhoï §ukdj 2200 lska by,g fiajl w¾: idOl wruqo, ydïmq;=kaf.a odhl;ajh 14 […]


  • ‘No one’ Wants Toyota To Build An EV, Says Toyota Manager
    Having long basked in an enviro-reputation for its hybrids, Toyota has been saying battery electric cars don’t make sense, and as it prepares to show its fuel cell car to the U.S. next month, it’s said more. “Today, Toyota actually favors fuel cells over other zero-emission vehicles, like pure battery electric vehicles,” said Craig Scott, […] The post ‘No on […]
  • Hyundai Developing A Prius Fighter, Still
    As Hyundai seeks to diversify its alternative energy strategy, the Korean automaker has said it will develop an alternative to Toyota’s Prius. “We will take the lead in the future by raising the competitiveness of our environment-friendly cars like hybrid-only cars, plug-in hybrid cars and fuel cell hydrogen cars,” Hyundai Motor CEO Kim Choong-ho. Or […] The […]
  • Consumer Report Annual Reliability Survey Rates Model S ‘Average’
    Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey says the Model S is average, with earlier production models faring worse, while newer ones are statistically more reliable. And, while “average” sounds rather, well, average, CR does mention the Model S edges out the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in its reliability ratings. The widely read publication has a Model S of […] […]
  • Indy Goes EV And Plug-In
    The City of Indianapolis announced this week it will deploy what it believes will be the largest municipal fleet of electrified vehicles in the nation by early 2016. The new program put forward by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on oil, and save taxpayers millions of dollars. As explained […] The post Indy Goes E […]
  • Are Hybrid Vehicles Worth It?
    We hear the question often: do hybrid vehicles really save money? Research company Vincentric, specialized in cost-of-ownership data, studied the matter. In releasing its most recent Hybrid Analysis, the company stated 10 of 31 hybrid vehicles analyzed were identified as having a lower total cost-of-ownership than their closest all-gasoline counterpart. Over […]
  • SUVs And CUVs Gaining Ground
    The SUV is here to stay, like it or not. SUVs are a staple of the American automotive landscape and have been elevated to gas guzzler status more or less as hybrid vehicles started being commercialized. Today’s situation is has evolved and is very different. SUVs have now been declined in compact and/or crossover utility […] The post SUVs And CUVs Gaining Gr […]
  • Electric Stability Program Now Mandatory In EU
    As of this coming Saturday, Nov. 1, every vehicle sold in the European Union will come standard with electronic stability program, also known as ESP. All newly registered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tons must be equipped with the anti-skid system according to this new […] The post Electric Stability P […]
  • Hybrid And Electric Tech Moves To Silicon Valley
    Hybrid and electric drivetrain technology will soon be developed in California’s Silicon Valley. Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI) announced this week it will open its global innovation center and headquarters in the Silicon Valley. EDI added an office location has been selected in Milpitas, California, close to automotive and technology innovators like Tesl […]
  • Top-10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Under $30,000
    Now that gas prices are declining and automakers report they’re booking increased sales and profits for SUVs and pickups, fuel efficiency isn’t all that important anymore, right? Well, if you’re not one of the American consumers who make long-term financial decisions based on short-term information, or if you simply like the idea of saving fuel, […] The post […]
  • The ’66 ZelectricBug EV Is Ready
    ”This sleek ’66 ZelectricBug is done!” That is how David Benardo of Zelectric Motors announced the completion of the company’s second electric vehicle, yesterday. But what is a ’66 ZelectricBug? It is a good old Volkswagen Beetle which has been fully restored to its former glory, but also adapted to modernity by the integration of […] The post The ’66 Zelect […]

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  • Low level disturbance forms in Bay of Bengal
    The Department of Meteorology says that a low level disturbance has formed in the Bay of Bengal to the east of Sri Lanka and that this system is likely to intensify further. MORE..
  • Two dead after earth mound collapses
    Two persons were killed after an earth embankment collapsed on a house at Samanpura in Olugamthota, Balangoda. MORE..
  • Sniffer dogs join search in Miriybedda mudslide
    Sniffer dogs were brought this morning to join the search for bodies in Miriybedda, two days after a major mudslide buried alive scores of people. MORE...
  • CPC to remove fuel transport charges
    The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) says that fuel prices will be standardized island-wide with effect from tomorrow (1st November), with the removal transport charges. MORE..
  • New curbs on travels to North- foreigners to apply via online or fax
    The foreign passport holders who wish to travel to the North can submit their applications through fax or online in order to obtain prior approval, the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development (MoDUD) says. MORE...
  • Seven districts monitored for possible landslide situation
    The Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS) says that 7 districts are currently being monitored for possible landslide situation, where Volunteers and Government Officials are on standby to assist in a possible evacuation. MORE..
  • Pension increment from next month
    All pensioners will get the Rs.2,500 interim allowance proposed by the 2015 Budget along with their November pension payment, the Ministry of Finance said.
  • JHU to abstain from voting on Budget 2015
    The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), a constituent party of the ruling UPFA government, says it has decided to abstain from the first voting on the 2nd reading of the Budget 2015 which is scheduled for tomorrow (November 01).
  • Capital punishment for fishermen sparks violent protests in Chennai
    A day after the Sri Lankan court sentenced five Indian fishermen to death on charges of smuggling drugs,fishermen in Ramananthapuram went on a rampage today as they torched buses,blocked roads,burnt houses and damaged railway tracks. MORE...
  • Two held for bid to smuggle gold
    Two suspects have been arrested at the Katunayake International Airport for attempting to smuggle gold worth over Rs 2.6 million by concealing it in the waist of their pants. MORE..

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  • Recalls: Infiniti SUV recall marks latest chapter in Takata airbag saga
    Filed under: SUV, Recalls, Safety, Infiniti, Luxury Automotive parts maker Takata is having a rough year with millions of vehicles equipped with its airbag inflators being recalled. However, it looks like there might still be problems with the company's quality control, if a new recall by Infiniti is any indication. The Japanese luxury brand is recallin […]
  • Video: Makeup company shows you how to apply a car-crash face for Halloween
    Filed under: Etc., Videos Still deciding on what to wear for Halloween? There's not much time left to choose, but this clip might help you decide, especially if you want something gory that might scare a few people too. The step-by-step guide here shows how to apply makeup to look like a very grisly car-crash victim with injuries like a missing eye and […]
  • Report: Top Gear's Clarkson in trouble again over beer tweet
    Filed under: Australia, UK, Celebrities, TV/Movies Ah, if we had a nickel for every time we wrote this sentence, we'd be quite well off: Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble again. The notorious host of the BBC's wildly successful Top Gear, Clarkson's latest controversy surrounds a tweet he sent while filming a special for the show in northern Austra […]
  • Official: Daimler buys 25 percent of MV Agusta
    Filed under: Coupe, Europe, Mercedes-Benz, Earnings/Financials, Motorcycle BMW obviously builds motorcycles, and Volkswagen Group owns Ducati. Now, fellow German automaker Daimler is hopping into the two-wheel game by buying a 25-percent stake in Italian sportbike maker MV Agusta for an undisclosed price. According to Daimler's press release, its Merced […]
  • Video: World's Fastest Hearse now up to 1,300 hp, looking for more records
    Filed under: Aftermarket, Motorsports, Wagon, Videos, Chevrolet, Specialty Unfortunately, for many people, a ride in the back of the hearse is the last chance they ever get to be in a car. In the case of "Madness" from AMS Performance, it could get folks to their final resting place faster than anything else around. Based around an actual hearse fr […]
  • ETC: 2015 BMW i8 sets everyone's tongues wagging in Northern Michigan
    Filed under: Coupe, Hybrid, Performance, Etc., Supercars, BMW, Electric Like few other cars we can remember, people want to talk about the 2015 BMW i8. Drive one, and you'll soon find out what we mean. They stop you at gas stations. They accost you in Walgreen's parking lots. They stream out of neighborhood bars, beers in hand. At least, that was o […]
  • Report: Hyundai/Kia's Prius rival to arrive by 2017
    Filed under: Hybrid, Technology, Hatchback, Hyundai, Kia, South Korea The Toyota Prius is the undisputed king of the hybrid market, but Hyundai and Kia are hoping to challenge its reign in the coming years with their own dedicated model. However, in all likelihood this is the same technology being shared between them. "We will take the lead in the futur […]
  • Video: An inside look at Mopar's SEMA fleet
    Filed under: Aftermarket, SEMA Show, Videos, Dodge, Jeep, Specialty, Ram Mopar is heading to the SEMA show in Las Vegas with a fleet of customized vehicles that appeal to enthusiasts of all stripes. There's a Dodge Viper ACR concept that follows in the lineage of the supercar's great road racing past, and a custom Ram ProMaster that might just be t […]
  • Featured: Five cursed and haunted cars
    Filed under: Classics, Celebrities Any kid lucky enough to grow up in Detroit is familiar with the Henry Ford Museum. It's huge, full of shiny things and a great place to take a child and let them burn off some energy. After several field trips and weekend outings however, the dusty concept vehicles and famous aircraft tend to lose their punch for young […]
  • Rumormill: Is Land Rover developing an all-electric Tesla Model X rival?
    Filed under: SUV, Technology, Land Rover, Electric, Off-Road Tesla will soon put its all-electric Model X crossover on sale, and if it's anywhere near as successful as the brand's four-door sedan the Model S, then it'll be a hell of an attention getter for mainstream automakers. Land Rover isn't waiting for proof of the Model X's suc […]

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  • Rally On! TTC Rally Team Finishes 2nd in Final Stage Rally Event of 2014
    Ann Arbor, Mich,. Oct. 31, 2014 - For the second time this season, the Toyota Technical Center Rally Team (TTCRT) hit the stage rally circuit, this time in Houghton, Mich. for the 2014 Lake Superior Performance Rally. After a confidence building performance in July’s New England Forest Rally, the team, comprised entirely of Toyota engineering team members, h […]
  • Who Says It's Not Easy Being Green?
    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (Oct. 30, 2014) – Not only is Toyota Alabama a global leader in building world-class engines, but it has also become a leader in environmental excellence. The Huntsville plant received recognition for five environmental awards this week, further demonstrating the facility’s commitment to minimize its environmental footprint.    Visit @Toyota […]
  • Think Young People Are Apathetic? Think Again. Nearly 99,000 Take Action With and Toyota's The Hunt
    NEW YORK – Oct. 30, 2014 - This summer, nearly 99,000 young people across the country took action on seven different causes through and Toyota’s The Hunt. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences.
  • Toyota Goes Glam with Fashion Diva
    TORRANCE, Calif. (Oct. 30, 2014) – Aah, the fabulous life. From red carpet events to girls’ road trips, Claire Sulmers, the founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, knows how to make a grand arrival from her clothes to her ride. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences.
  • Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Award Call for Nominations
    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (October 30, 2014) – The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), together with long-time partner Toyota, seeks out the nation’s most exemplary teachers that engage families in education.     The Toyota Family Teacher of the Year Award celebrates teachers who are dedicated to including more than one generation in the educational pro […]
  • Pair of Toyota Tundra Monster Trucks Take SEMA by Storm
    TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 30, 2014 — Toyota will be underscoring its commitment to supporting the off-road enthusiast lifestyle by fielding a pair of over-the-top monster trucks based on the 2014 Tundra at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas. Both builds share the Tundra as their base platforms and pay homage to worthy causes. V […]
  • 2015 Sprint Cup Series Camry Makes Pit Stop at SEMA
    TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 27, 2014 — Toyota announced today that its newly introduced 2015 Toyota Camry Cup Car that will compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will be making an appearance at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update your RSS feed preferences. […]
  • Small Town Grows Big Business for 25 Years
    Commerce, Ga. – The company that established roots in Commerce in 1989 with only 15 associates processing 17,000 Toyotas annually now employs over 200 people.   “This was just a peach orchard farm before Southeast Toyota moved in,” said Donald Trammell, maintenance and trade coordinator. “When we opened our doors it was just 15 people at this whole plant. We […]
  • Toyota Indiana Supports 39 Ways to Improve Our Community
    PRINCETON, Ind. – What do Dubois County Soil and Water Conservation, Gibson County Horticultural Society, Habitat for Humanity and Youth First have in common?  They are among 39 organizations that received funding from Toyota Indiana this quarter. The second quarter donations totaled $100,000.   Visit @Toyota ACCESS to receive your news via e-mail. Update yo […]
  • Toyota on Monarch Migration: Traffic Welcome
    Gridlock isn’t egregious when it’s butterflies in the garden. Butterflies play an irreplaceable role in plant reproduction. Unfortunately, the monarch population in North America has declined 90 percent over the past two decades. In fact, scientists from several environmental organizations filed a petition in August, asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service […]
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